AIGA Century Exhibit Celebrates 100 Years of Type

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jul 2nd 2014
AIGA Century Exhibit Celebrates 100 Years of Type

I was fortunate to view the exhibit created by Pentagram partner Abbott Miller and curated and produced by Monotype as part of private tour led by Dan Rhatigan, type director at Monotype. Browsing the collection while waiting for Rhatigan to finish the tour before ours, it was clear how much thought and planning had gone into the design of the exhibit, as well as its actual curating. A pattern made from periods of over 1,000 different typefaces decorated the... CONTINUE READING

Pawel Nolbert’s “Atypical” Typeface – Striking Strokes of Multi-colored Paint

By: Julia Wild on Jun 23rd 2014
Pawel Nolbert's "Atypical" Typeface - Striking Strokes of Multi-colored Paint

Norbert is a renown artist and designer having created visual work for the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Google, Disney, Redball, Adobe and Nike. His work has been featured in many publications and includes Taschen “Illustration Now 3” book, Springer “Digital Da Vinci” book, Computer Arts Magazine and Advanced Photoshop Magazine. He was also invited to take part in Adobe’s Creative Cloud Campaign “I am the New Creative”. Some of the letters in this collection are hard to figure out at... CONTINUE READING

Day 528 and Designer Matt Chinworth’s Project ‘TypeSWAMP’ Continues

By: Julia Wild on Jun 20th 2014
Day 528 and Designer Matt Chinworth's Project ‘TypeSWAMP’ Continues

Many from his daily collection have a story – for example it might be influenced by something that has happened such as an event like the world cup or in memory of someone. Day 526 is of Tony Gwynn and Chinworth explains: “So sad to hear that Tony Gwynn passed away yesterday. One of my favorite big leagers as a kid and probably one of the best hitters to ever play the game. RIP #19″. Day 503 is called... CONTINUE READING

Type On Screen: The design challenge of digital typography, A Book Review and Interview

By: Neil Tortorella on Jun 18th 2014
Type On Screen: The design challenge of digital typography, A Book Review and Interview

Those are the obvious choices. But, there are also subjective issues to consider when selecting a font or set of fonts. These include kerning and letter-spacing, line spacing or leading for those of us who remember a life before the Web. What about the font’s emotional value? How well does it align with the project’s goals and audience? Then there’s always the design’s delivery media to consider. Will it be print or digital? If digital, will it be desktop... CONTINUE READING

Every Week Two Students Anonymously Create Beautiful Chalkboard Quotes

By: Julia Wild on May 16th 2014
Every Week Two Students Anonymously Create Beautiful Chalkboard Quotes

I tried to look into who these designers are but it seems that very few people know: “They’ve been popping up on campus all semester: intricately worked chalkboard messages with one signature, #dangerdust. The article on their college website continues to explain “I recently sat down with the artistic duo and, while I can’t name names, I did get a sense of who these artists are and what drives them. They wish to remain unnamed (although they admit most... CONTINUE READING

Shurong Diao Creates Alphabet From Long Rapunzel-like Hair

By: Julia Wild on Apr 30th 2014
Shurong Diao Creates Alphabet From Long Rapunzel-like Hair

Shurong Diao is a New York based design undergraduate student from the School of Visual Arts and for this particular project she used hair to create ‘hair alphabet’ letter forms. Inspired by Chinese calligraphy style Shurong Diao explains on her porfolio website that she wanted to build a connection between Chinese Characters and the Roman alphabet. And she has done this by substituting black ink on rice paper with long black hair. With Rapunzel-like hair Shurong has created the... CONTINUE READING

Reading Dyslexie

By: Evan Johnston on Nov 10th 2013
Reading Dyslexie

Dyslexie is a typeface designed by Christian Boer to help dyslexics, using letterforms that are “more bold so that gravity turns the letters the right way up.” The idea that a font can correct something in the mind is an interesting one; we all know the effects of bad typography. What if what we’ve needed all this time to solve illiteracy and dyslexia is some kind of super-typeface? Dyslexie has yet to really sell the world on its literacy-enhancing... CONTINUE READING

Beyond Perfect: Typography Master Alan Kitching at Monotype

By: Evan Johnston on May 21st 2013
Beyond Perfect: Typography Master Alan Kitching at Monotype

“This has no foundation to it, it just appears,” said Alan Kitching, holding up an elegant poster near the podium where he spoke. He was talking about the type on the poster, which had been set, like almost everything in the last twenty years, on a computer. Kitching spoke as part of Monotype’s Pencils to Pixels series—a lecture series which talked about the history and future of graphic design, although he said in referring to his work, “Pencils to... CONTINUE READING

Creative Examples of Calligraphy Art

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Apr 16th 2013
Creative Examples of Calligraphy Art

Although the shapes and glyphs of the characters are different from what we are using today, there is a reason for this change that we will discuss later, in the Calligraphy and Printing section of the article. The art of calligraphy is not limited to handwriting and written communication in letters, but it has extended to become a branch of creative artwork that modern artists use to express their talent and ideas, such as street art, graffiti, tattoo, body... CONTINUE READING

Medusa: A Beautiful New Script from Type Foundry ReType

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Mar 13th 2013
Medusa: A Beautiful New Script from Type Foundry ReType

But as Medusa evolved Espinoza moved beyond his original inspiration, adding elements such as redrawn ornate capitals, swashes and ligatures and a set of small caps “carefully designed to produce an all-cap setting that is stylistically harmonious with the classic copperplate script,…” As Espinoza explained in our interview, certain facets of calligraphic typefaces that lend them their beauty and grace can be compromised in the translation from calligraphy to typography, a fact that Espinoza was particularly mindful of in... CONTINUE READING

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