Cartoon Artists To Follow This Week

By: Julia Wild on May 9th 2014
Cartoon Artists To Follow This Week

Some of these cartoon artists you may never have heard of before but are well worth taking a look at or following on sites such as Twitter, Behance or Tumblr. Enjoy the work and if there any cartoon artists that you feel need adding to the list this week please comment below. In no particular order first up is “chilango” who has had a passion for drawing and tracing comic books since a very young age. He explains on... CONTINUE READING

Design Inspiration: Watching Indie Game: The Movie

By: Evan Johnston on Aug 3rd 2012
Design Inspiration: Watching Indie Game: The Movie

“Part of it is about not trying to be professional,” says Jonathan Blow, designer of the wildly successful independent video game Braid. He looks calmly at the camera, with a slight smile, and for a moment, that sounds like fun. After all, this is a documentary about video games, and video games are fun. Right? But instead of fun, Blow starts talking about vulnerability. “If you don’t see a vulnerability in someone,” he says, “You’re probably not connecting with... CONTINUE READING

GE’s Throttle Up Pushes Creative Pedal to the Metal

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on May 9th 2012
GE’s Throttle Up Pushes Creative Pedal to the Metal

As promised in my article earlier this week, I’m back with a first hand account of GE’s indescribably awesome interactive experience Throttle Up. Having visited the site and viewed the video clips I thought I had a firm idea of what to expect. Well, may I say expectations were vastly exceeded? Excitement started to build as soon as I overheard a Throttle Up guide explain to the group ahead of me on line that they could opt to be... CONTINUE READING

Two Animated Children’s Films Get Oscar Nomination

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Feb 3rd 2012
Two Animated Children's Films Get Oscar Nomination

Animation lovers take note, two beautifully drawn films to receive the Oscar nod for best animated feature this week; Chico and Rita and A Cat in Paris are soon to be released for your viewing pleasure. Captured in bold lines and washes of color by Spain’s celebrated artist and designer Javier Mariscal Chico and Rita is a love story set in pre-Castro Havana. Chico is a talented young piano player and Rita is the beautiful singer who captures his... CONTINUE READING

Plans for Labyrinth Graphic Novel Prequel

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jan 19th 2012
Plans for Labyrinth Graphic Novel Prequel

Fantasy, sci-fi, comic fans and lovers of all things Jim Henson are in for a treat! In an exclusive interview for Entertainment Weekly’s Shelf Life, graphic novel publisher, Archaia announced plans for a graphic novel prequel to Jim Henson’s film, Labyrinth. Labyrinth tells the story of 15-year old Sara, who resents her stepmother and is tired of always having to watch her baby step-brother Toby. She spends much of her time imagining a fantasy world where she is a... CONTINUE READING

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