How to Create Pseudo HDR Effect in Photoshop

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jul 8th 2014
How to Create Pseudo HDR Effect in Photoshop

The technique behind the HDR images is based on taken the same shot three or more times using under-exposed value of -2, default exposure value of zero, and over exposed value of +2. The three images should be taken with the same position and other factors such as the ISO and shutter speed. Then the images are imported into Adobe Photoshop using the HDR script that merge the images in one HDR image allowing you to modify the HDR... CONTINUE READING

London Starbucks Barista Gives Away Strikingly Beautiful Illustrated Cups to Customers

By: Julia Wild on Jul 4th 2014
London Starbucks Barista Gives Away Strikingly Beautiful Illustrated Cups to Customers

Located in London, across the road from the British Museum, this Starbucks employee explains on “I don’t think about getting any reward with this other than making people happy. When you give a cup to someone and he or she smiles, then I go back to work with a huge smile on my face too.” To view his work either take a look at his Facebook page or his website where he has his collection of cups. Here... CONTINUE READING

AIGA Century Exhibit Celebrates 100 Years of Type

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jul 2nd 2014
AIGA Century Exhibit Celebrates 100 Years of Type

I was fortunate to view the exhibit created by Pentagram partner Abbott Miller and curated and produced by Monotype as part of private tour led by Dan Rhatigan, type director at Monotype. Browsing the collection while waiting for Rhatigan to finish the tour before ours, it was clear how much thought and planning had gone into the design of the exhibit, as well as its actual curating. A pattern made from periods of over 1,000 different typefaces decorated the... CONTINUE READING

The Nutrition Facts Label Trims the Fat

By: Matt Cannon on Jul 1st 2014
The Nutrition Facts Label Trims the Fat

The changes proposed will affect all package design for food, except certain meat, poultry and processed egg products, which are regulated by the U.S. Department of Agriculture’s Food Safety and Inspection Service. The new label will be featured on packaged foods to reflect the latest scientific information, including the link between diet and chronic diseases such as obesity and heart disease. The proposed label would also replace out-of-date serving sizes to better align with how much people really eat,... CONTINUE READING

Stinky Robots – 2 Authors and 12 Artists, Creating a Beautiful Children’s Book

By: Julia Wild on Jun 30th 2014
Stinky Robots - 2 Authors and 12 Artists, Creating a Beautiful Children's Book

Matt explains “I told it (the story) to my eldest son Isaac when he was younger and then, after many years, I began telling it again to my youngest son Elijah. And then the magic of the internet stepped in… My son Elijah and I wrote the story down, adding new touches to the original story. And then we reached out to 12 fantastic artists from around the world to start bringing our robots to life. Each day my... CONTINUE READING

5 Striking FIFA World Cup™ 2014 Package Designs

By: Julia Wild on Jun 25th 2014
5 Striking FIFA World Cup™ 2014 Package Designs

Designers around the world have been busy and today I will showcase some of the package design that many have probably seen in the shops, restaurants and online. From world cup posters to clothing, from street art to an artist transforming them self into the world cup trophy, the world of design has been busy. Social media is going crazy with everything world cup related – not only are the soccer fanatics happy but over the past month there... CONTINUE READING

Pawel Nolbert’s “Atypical” Typeface – Striking Strokes of Multi-colored Paint

By: Julia Wild on Jun 23rd 2014
Pawel Nolbert's "Atypical" Typeface - Striking Strokes of Multi-colored Paint

Norbert is a renown artist and designer having created visual work for the likes of Mercedes-Benz, Google, Disney, Redball, Adobe and Nike. His work has been featured in many publications and includes Taschen “Illustration Now 3” book, Springer “Digital Da Vinci” book, Computer Arts Magazine and Advanced Photoshop Magazine. He was also invited to take part in Adobe’s Creative Cloud Campaign “I am the New Creative”. Some of the letters in this collection are hard to figure out at... CONTINUE READING

Day 528 and Designer Matt Chinworth’s Project ‘TypeSWAMP’ Continues

By: Julia Wild on Jun 20th 2014
Day 528 and Designer Matt Chinworth's Project ‘TypeSWAMP’ Continues

Many from his daily collection have a story – for example it might be influenced by something that has happened such as an event like the world cup or in memory of someone. Day 526 is of Tony Gwynn and Chinworth explains: “So sad to hear that Tony Gwynn passed away yesterday. One of my favorite big leagers as a kid and probably one of the best hitters to ever play the game. RIP #19″. Day 503 is called... CONTINUE READING

Graphic Shape to Animal Logo: Tom Anders Watkins’ Inspirational Project

By: Julia Wild on Jun 16th 2014
Graphic Shape to Animal Logo: Tom Anders Watkins' Inspirational Project

An article on Creative Market explains “”From the moment he joined the marketplace, Tom immediately stood out as someone to watch as he offered limited time sales on his products, killer bundle deals, and touted himself and his goods as “top sellers” in the marketplace. Not only that, but his product packaging is as bold as his personality and it’s this ability to stand out that has helped make his shop very successful on Creative Market”. If you take... CONTINUE READING

Need Food Not Football: Brazil’s Anti-Fifa World Cup Graffiti

By: Julia Wild on Jun 10th 2014
Need Food Not Football: Brazil's Anti-Fifa World Cup Graffiti

Below is some of the graffiti found around Brazil by artists such as Paulo Ito. With just two weeks before one of this year’s biggest sports events the pressure is on from the people who are not afraid to voice their discontent. Each of these graffiti artworks is compelling, and with thousands of people from around the world coming to the FIFA World Cup, their point of view on the event will not go unnoticed. From street art of... CONTINUE READING

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