20 Fashion Illustrators That Will Rock Your World

By: Mirko Humbert on Jun 26th 2013
20 Fashion Illustrators That Will Rock Your World

Fashion is incredibly popular all over the world. Young or old, man or woman, rich or poor, people seem passionate about the ways to become better looking, more elegant or simply cool. Magazines are dedicated to this industry and regularly present awesome creations to their readers. Unfortunately, one branch in this industry doesn’t seem to get the love they deserve: fashion illustrators. 1. Arturo Elena With over 20 years of experience in the world of fashion, Arturo Elena can... CONTINUE READING

Thoughts on Book Expo America 2013

By: Evan Johnston on Jun 26th 2013
Thoughts on Book Expo America 2013

I attended my first Book Expo in 2002, working as a book designer for M. Evans and Company, and have gone about every other year or so, and I’ve attended in Chicago and Los Angeles, although for the last four years the expo has been held in New York. I remember George De Kay, a veteran publisher who passed away in 2003, telling me about the early days, when it was just books on tables. No booths, no author... CONTINUE READING

Black and White Photography: 20 Amazing Examples

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jun 24th 2013
Black and White Photography: 20 Amazing Examples

Black and white photos depend on a wide range of gray colors that reflect the lights and shadows in the photos. The level of the gray tones and depths are related to the exposure that is used when taking the photo. While color photography may look brighter and more realistic, the depth of the gray gives a more dramatic effect to black and white scenes. As you remove the color element from the shot, you give more space to... CONTINUE READING

Georgia Bulldogs Introduce Iconic Canine with New Brand Identity

By: Matt Cannon on Jun 21st 2013
Georgia Bulldogs Introduce Iconic Canine with New Brand Identity

The Georgia Athletic Association has been hard at work in collaboration with Nike over a 15-month period in order to implement a fresh, cohesive athletic brand identity that reflects the unique qualities of Georgia Athletics while promoting a consistent and unified look across all sports. The University of Georgia Athletic Association, in partnership with Nike, has introduced a department-wide brand identity system designed to better define and distinguish what is already a nationally prominent collegiate brand. (Press Release) GraphicDesign.com... CONTINUE READING

José Guízar’s Windows of New York Illustrations Reveal Another Side of the City

By: Evan Johnston on Jun 19th 2013
José Guízar’s Windows of New York Illustrations Reveal Another Side of the City

Scrolling through them isn’t like scrolling through any other webpage, the New York part of my brain tries to figure out how far in the city I’ve gone by randomly swiping the trackpad; and the more imaginative side wonders if someone has closed the shutters on 219 East 4th Street since the last time I scrolled by, or if that cat will still be there the next time I refresh the page. Like Jessica Hische’s Daily Dropcap, it’s a... CONTINUE READING

Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards

By: Helena Wilson Beevers on Jun 18th 2013
Adobe Youth Voices Aspire Awards

These sections include an assortment of visual storytelling methods from animation, documentary, music video and narrative to poetry, photography, collage and collaboration. Entries are showcased on Adobe’s Aspire Awards website. Adobe Youth Voices (AYV) is a global initiative set up by the Adobe Foundation in order to “ignite creative confidence in youth by empowering them to find their voice and make it heard”. Through programs such as this one young people can share their vision and develop new skills... CONTINUE READING

The Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide

By: Neil Tortorella on Jun 18th 2013
The Graphic Designer’s Business Survival Guide

The truth be told, there are loads of very talented designers out there competing against one another. But, it takes more than graphic design talent to be successful. It also requires the core business and managerial skills all small businesses need to master to be successful. That means a balancing act of wearing many hats including office manager; sales person; bookkeeper; human resources manager; janitor; chief cook and bottle washer, as well as graphic design. It tends to be... CONTINUE READING

Free Pass Giveaway to HOW Design Live San Francisco. Read on to win!

By: Julia Wild on Jun 12th 2013
graphic design default

HOW DESIGN CONFERENCE (HDC) June 22-26, 2013 San Francisco Thanks to HOW Design, GraphicDesign.com has one pass to give away to ONE of our lucky readers! HOW Design Live is split into 4 different conferences but they all take place under the same roof over a period of four days: Design Conference Creative Freelancer Conference The Dieline Package Design Conference HOWse Managers Conference For full information on each conference feel free to find out more here: http://www.howdesignlive.com. It will... CONTINUE READING

Mall of America Steps Out of the 90’s, and Into a Vibrant New Look

By: Matt Cannon on Jun 7th 2013
Mall of America Steps Out of the 90’s, and Into a Vibrant New Look

The Mall opened in August of 1992 and is located in Bloomington, Minn. Mall of America partnered with Duffy & Partners to develop a new iconic image. Duffy & Partners is a Minneapolis design firm, recognized nationally and internationally for excellence in design. The creative process recognized the equity found in the star of the original logo and transformed it into the dynamic new star made of vibrant colored ribbons. The ribbons depict the multitude of the always fresh,... CONTINUE READING

Super Realistic Pencil Drawing Examples

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jun 7th 2013
Super Realistic Pencil Drawing Examples

Pencil drawings depend mainly on graphite pencils that have different shapes and manufacturers, though some artists use graphite and other pencils, such as charcoal pencils in the same artwork. Generally, the materials used in pencils vary from graphite pencils, charcoal pencils, carbon pencils, colored pencils, and watercolor pencils. Before we dig into some of the most amazing pencil drawing artwork, let us learn some fun facts about pencil drawings that some of us already use without knowing the rule... CONTINUE READING

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