Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Gets New Home with Society of Illustrators

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Aug 15th 2012
Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art Gets New Home with Society of Illustrators

The Museum of Comic and Cartoon Art (MoCCA) which celebrated its tenth anniversary earlier this year recently announced plans to transfer all its assets to the Society of Illustrators effectively joining the two institutions. Described in a MoCCA Press release as “creating a single cultural institution supporting and celebrating illustration, comics, and animation,” the move comes after MoCCA’s physical location at 594 Broadway had been closed a month prior due to fundraising difficulties. The union appears mutually beneficial to... CONTINUE READING

Chuck E. Cheese’s Rocks a New Design

By: Matt Cannon on Aug 15th 2012
Chuck E. Cheese's Rocks a New Design

The First Chuck E. Cheese’s opened in San Jose, CA in 1977. Back then it was known as Chuck E. Cheese’s Pizza Time Theatre. The Founder, Nolan Bushnell was also the engineer and entrepreneur who founded Atari, Inc. He also is responsible for the design of the original mascot. The original name of the franchise was to be called Rick Rats Pizza but the company’s PR Firm didn’t think a rat would make a comforting mascot in a Pizza... CONTINUE READING

CMS Graphic Design Portfolio Websites Beat Out DIY Design (Poll Results)

By: Christine Medley on Aug 14th 2012
CMS Graphic Design Portfolio Websites Beat Out DIY Design (Poll Results)

A few weeks ago my poll article “What’s the Best Way to Build an Online Portfolio?” received quite a few comments and many voted via the poll. With the wide selection of template portfolio web sites available to designers, this result may not be a surprise, but it is to me, a print and web designer, educator and one who began coding sites in 1995. In fact, it was a bit shocking to see that 68% of respondents said... CONTINUE READING

Overview of’s recent online course: Illustrator for Web Design with Justin Seeley

By: Michael Jackness on Aug 13th 2012
graphic design default

This newly released course from Justin Seeley, author and Adobe Certified Expert, teaches designers how to get started with Adobe Illustrator by learning the essential techniques and fundamentals of the software. Seeley walks designers through the core concepts of setting up documents for web and mobile application designs as well as how to use artboards for responsive layouts. Designers will explore the basic and advanced tools necessary for working with color palettes and swatches, layers, shapes and symbols, various... CONTINUE READING

Wix Lounge – Coworking Space for Creatives in New York

By: Jo Gifford on Aug 9th 2012
Wix Lounge - Coworking Space for Creatives in New York

Wix Lounge is a co-working space in New York. Close to Union Square at 10 W 18th St, the Wix Lounge is a completely free working and event space for creative professionals to drop in, work and make use of the free wireless access, coffee and printing facilities. The lounge has been open since 2012 and is run by, a free publishing platform which provides user-friendly tools for building easy-to-make desktop, mobile, and Facebook websites without coding skills.... CONTINUE READING

Quay Brothers Come to MoMA

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Aug 9th 2012
Quay Brothers Come to MoMA

Leaving the press preview for MoMA’S retrospective, Quay Brothers: On Deciphering the Pharmacist’s Prescription for Lip-Reading Puppets was like emerging from an alternate reality suffused with hidden meanings and surreal images that like a powerful dream, is at once evocative and unsettling. Known for exploring themes of sex and violence among others, the work of identical twins Stephen and Timothy Quay spans 30 years of “avant-garde stop motion puppet animation, live action films and graphic design that challenge easy... CONTINUE READING

Folio – A Designer’s Toolkit Launches

By: Jo Gifford on Aug 7th 2012
Folio - A Designer’s Toolkit Launches

Folio, a new app and website launches this year which “exists to make finding quality digital assets easier” for designers. Many designers often have a need for an easy way to find editable, quality graphics that can be used in their work. Folio is a cloud based marketplace set up to allow content creators in the creative industries (such as graphic designers, coders, audio engineers and business professionals) a platform to quickly sell the digital content they create and... CONTINUE READING Welcomes Dave Gorum as a Featured Writer

By: GD Staff on Aug 6th 2012 Welcomes Dave Gorum as a Featured Writer

Dave Gorum is the creative director and co-founder of Carbonmade, an online portfolio service that helps creative folks show off their work. The idea came about over the 2005 Christmas holiday when Dave and his coding partner Jason Nelson set about solving the problem of managing the unwieldy monster that was Dave’s ever-growing portfolio. A week of hacking and the first version of the app was born. Slowly, the word got out and now Carbonmade is home to over... CONTINUE READING

Poll Results – Should You Follow Up After Your Interview?

By: Tim Donnelly on Aug 3rd 2012
Poll Results - Should You Follow Up After Your Interview?

A few weeks ago I wrote an article and posted a poll about following up after an interview and… the results are in! A whopping 88% of those polled believed that they should follow up an interview with a thank you note or email. Which is a number we were happy to hear. Because of the experience at our talent agency, the response to that poll question hovers right around 100%. (In other words, we think it’s a great... CONTINUE READING

Design Inspiration: Watching Indie Game: The Movie

By: Evan Johnston on Aug 3rd 2012
Design Inspiration: Watching Indie Game: The Movie

“Part of it is about not trying to be professional,” says Jonathan Blow, designer of the wildly successful independent video game Braid. He looks calmly at the camera, with a slight smile, and for a moment, that sounds like fun. After all, this is a documentary about video games, and video games are fun. Right? But instead of fun, Blow starts talking about vulnerability. “If you don’t see a vulnerability in someone,” he says, “You’re probably not connecting with... CONTINUE READING

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