Repsol Brings New Life to an Old Brand

By: Matt Cannon on Jun 26th 2012
Repsol Brings New Life to an Old Brand

Respol, a Spanish Headquartered Gas and Oil Corporation has introduced a stunning new brand icon and identity to support new strategic moves within the company. In recent years they have achieved numerous and important discoveries in areas identified as priority, such as Brazil, United States, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Algeria, which have allowed a portfolio of projects to be handled; showing the organic growth of the company. Repsol has transformed and revitalized its corporate image with a twofold objective:... CONTINUE READING

The Artomatic

By: Evan Johnston on Jun 26th 2012
The Artomatic

Since 2008 the Artomatic has taken an empty building, wrangled as many artists as possible, and then set them loose in it. It’s Washington, DC’s biggest creative event: this year it featured over a thousand artists on eleven floors. There are workshops, musical performances, and comedy acts, the space is open for a month, and it’s free. In other words, it’s pretty much amazing. This amazement is also what makes the Artomatic such a navigational challenge. It’s easy to... CONTINUE READING

Queen’s Jubilee Pantone Swatch

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 22nd 2012
Queen's Jubilee Pantone Swatch

Pantone have created a Jubilee themed Pantone swatch in honor of the Queen’s Jubilee year 2012. The project is in collaboration with Leo Burnett, and is a limited edition color guide to “mark the Queen’s fashion-forward color statements”. It is intended to be a “full spectrum of perfectly color coordinated ensembles” and city dates and occasions worn for a range of dresses. Leo Burnett is a global agency with offices in Bangkok, Bogota, Bucharest, Caracas, Dublin, Istanbul, Lisbon, MENA,... CONTINUE READING

Sappi Ideas That Matter: 2012 Judging Panel and Talk with Four-Time Grant Recipient Doug Hebert on “Designing from the Heart”

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jun 21st 2012
Sappi Ideas That Matter: 2012 Judging Panel and Talk with Four-Time Grant Recipient Doug Hebert on “Designing from the Heart”

Speaking with self described “inspiration junkie” and four-time Sappi Ideas that Matter recipient Doug Hebert, Principal, Design Director, Savage, two things are evident—his passion for cause-driven projects and the critical role that Sappi Ideas that Matter has played in making them happen. Founded on the idea that the power of design can be harnessed for social good and started over a decade ago, Sappi’s Ideas that Matter competition is “an annual, innovative grant program that provides monetary support to... CONTINUE READING

Facebook Launches Agency Education Scheme and Creative Council at Cannes 2012

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 20th 2012
Facebook Launches Agency Education Scheme and Creative Council at Cannes 2012

Facebook, the social networking giant, announced at Cannes 2012 that it will be launching an education tool for agencies and a “Creative Council”. Facebook Studio Edge is a learning program designed to keep agencies up to date on the Social Network’s latest products and best practices. Users can interact with short 10-to-15 minute courses on topics covering pages, apps, and ads. Studio Edge will sit within the revamped homepage of its advertising showcase portal, Facebook Studio which was launched... CONTINUE READING

Twitter’s New Logo Takes Flight

By: Matt Cannon on Jun 19th 2012
Twitter’s New Logo Takes Flight

For the last six years, we’ve all become very familiar with “Larry” the bird associated with Twitter. You may have noticed a new bird icon on twitter recently. In a move to become an iconic brand in solitude such as Nike’s Swoosh or the Apple logo, Twitter has decided to remove the text, bubbled typeface and lowercase “t” and upgrade the iconic Twitter Bird imagery. Crafted on a base of three sets of overlapping circles, the icon is a... CONTINUE READING

The GreatGoogaMooga: Branding a Foodie’s Paradise

By: Matt Cannon on Jun 19th 2012
The GreatGoogaMooga: Branding a Foodie’s Paradise

Last month was the first annual GreatGoogaMooga festival, a foodie’s paradise, or “theme park” of New York’s most renowned culinary creators. The festival included food from the biggest, most: Blue Ribbon, Craft, The Spotted Pig, Tia Pol, Luke’s Lobster, Porchetta, Frankies 457 Spuntino, Crif Dogs, etc. (Source) There were also an abundance of live bands including The Roots and Hall & Oats as the headliners each day. I must say I’ve never been to a concert where so many... CONTINUE READING


By: Jo Gifford on Jun 15th 2012

AT&T presents Daybreak, an online initiative created with the help of BBDO New York and producer Tim Kring. Designed to showcase five online films, uses this cinematic series to provide a new experience for viewers, telling a story via a variety of multimedia techniques. In addition to the five films, two websites and a smartphone app allow exploration of this exciting and elaborate journey. The multi-layered depiction tells the story of a dodecahedron which is a 12 sided... CONTINUE READING

DayLife: Urban Revitalization by Design

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jun 15th 2012
DayLife: Urban Revitalization by Design

On an otherwise ordinary Sunday in June an amazing transformation took place in the three blocks surrounding Orchard Street on New York City’s Lower East Side. DayLife, an environmental design project resulting from a collaboration between DesigNYC, DUB-studios and the Lower East Side Business Improvement District (LES BID) in cooperation with students from the School of Visual Arts (SVA) Impact! Design for Social Change program turned the neighborhood known variously for its rich history as an immigrant neighborhood and... CONTINUE READING

Six Essential Artists and A Lot of Tequila

By: Evan Johnston on Jun 15th 2012
Six Essential Artists and A Lot of Tequila

It’s the unveiling of 1800 Tequila’s Essential Artists Series for 2012—which in previous years has featured artists such as Gary Baseman and Yuko Shimizu— and the designs are dark. Comic-book, tattoo, and graffiti-inspired graphics play off of black backgrounds in smokey shades of blue, gold, and crimson through a glass bottle of 80-proof tequila. It’s hard to pick just one to look at, each one is fighting for your attention. They’re a total departure from the respectable if stolid... CONTINUE READING

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