Rolling Stones Logo Updated for 50th Anniversary

By: Jo Gifford on Jul 5th 2012
Rolling Stones Logo Updated for 50th Anniversary

Designer Shepard Fairey has updated the iconic Rolling Stones tongue logo in honor of the band’s 50th anniversary. The original logo was designed by John Pasche, a student of the Royal College of Art in London and appeared on the Sticky Fingers album sleeve in 1971. Pasche was commissioned in 1969 by lead singer of The Stones Mick Jagger, who disliked some draft designs which had been provided by the band’s record label, Decca Records. “The design concept for... CONTINUE READING

Following Up After An Interview: A Good Thing or a Stalking Thing? (Poll Article)

By: Tim Donnelly on Jul 3rd 2012
Following Up After An Interview: A Good Thing or a Stalking Thing? (Poll Article)

You shake the Creative Director’s hand and turn around to leave his amazing corner office. You did it. You nailed your interview for a graphic design job at the coolest company you’ve ever seen. Suddenly while you’re getting your parking validated you think to yourself, “Should I send a thank you note?” And you find yourself at a crossroads. Maybe the same one you’ve experienced after every interview. Is following up after an interview an archaic practice to be... CONTINUE READING

Creative Slump? Alex Cornell’s New Book, “Breakthrough!” Can Help With That

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jul 3rd 2012
Creative Slump? Alex Cornell’s New Book, “Breakthrough!” Can Help With That

Who hasn’t ever hit a creative slump or hit that extraordinarily rough, occasionally ego bruising, patch of writer’s/artist’s/musician’s block where you find yourself face-to-face with a project thinking to yourself “okay, now what”? The question is, how to get out of it. That was the question Alex Cornell an accomplished designer and musician himself, posed to other leading creatives, such as graphic designers Nicolas Felton and Tom Muller, painter and erotic artist Audrey Kawasaki, legendary typographer Erik Spiekermann and... CONTINUE READING

Google Developers Close the Tags on a New Logo

By: Matt Cannon on Jul 2nd 2012
Google Developers Close the Tags on a New Logo

Google has introduced the new Google Developers site ( in an attempt to create a new community of developers that can access a database of content all in one portal. They also plan to migrate into the same pool soon. The new concept was designed by: Instrument (notable clients such as NIKE, Obey and XBOX). Here’s what they had to say regarding the project on their recent case study: “We took the previous brand, “Google Code,” and created... CONTINUE READING

HOW Design Live 2012 Conference Recap

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jun 29th 2012
HOW Design Live 2012 Conference Recap

Hynes Convention Center, Boston 7:30 AM, big yellow conference badge in one hand and event program in the other I made my way up the escalator to the third floor rotunda unsure what to expect. After years of telling myself I would make it to HOW Design Live and yet somehow never quite getting there, I’d arrived. To give you an idea of the conference magnitude, what I refer to as an event program was actually a small, spiral-bound... CONTINUE READING

Results of The Dieline Package Design Awards

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 29th 2012
Results of The Dieline Package Design Awards

Presented by Inwork, The Dieline has announced the winners of this year’s Package Design Awards. All entries were made between Dec 1st, 2010 and Dec 31st, 2011. Last week on June 22nd, Inwork presented The Dieline Package Design Awards during the HOW Design Live. HOW Design Live was a conference made up of four parts, with Dieline being one of these. The conference provided delegates with the opportunity to network with creative and dynamic industry insiders and a chance... CONTINUE READING

Digital Shoreditch 2012: The Down-Low on Career Day and Vitamin T’s Shoreditch Interviews

By: Helena Wilson Beevers on Jun 28th 2012
Digital Shoreditch 2012: The Down-Low on Career Day and Vitamin T’s Shoreditch Interviews

London’s Digital Shoreditch is a two week festival incorporating sessions about careers, identity, innovation, brands, capital and growth. Running from May 21st to June 1st 2012, this year’s was the second of its kind; the mission being to celebrate and inspire creative talent of East London and Tech City. The event provided those of a technical and entrepreneurial mind with networking and career opportunities in amongst the presentations and workshops available. Founder Kam Star setup the festival in order... CONTINUE READING

(Poll Results) The Unpaid Wages Epidemic is Officially in Session

By: Matt Cannon on Jun 28th 2012
(Poll Results) The Unpaid Wages Epidemic is Officially in Session

The results are in regarding the Unpaid Wages Epidemic poll article and it’s clear that there is a huge issue at our feet. When we asked Freelancers: Have you ever been the victim of an unpaid invoice for completed freelance work? A whopping 96% said YES and only 4% said NO. Following that question, we asked do you use a contract before engaging in work with new clients? 60% said YES and 40% said NO. It’s evident that Freelancers... CONTINUE READING

Repsol Brings New Life to an Old Brand

By: Matt Cannon on Jun 26th 2012
Repsol Brings New Life to an Old Brand

Respol, a Spanish Headquartered Gas and Oil Corporation has introduced a stunning new brand icon and identity to support new strategic moves within the company. In recent years they have achieved numerous and important discoveries in areas identified as priority, such as Brazil, United States, Venezuela, Peru, Bolivia and Algeria, which have allowed a portfolio of projects to be handled; showing the organic growth of the company. Repsol has transformed and revitalized its corporate image with a twofold objective:... CONTINUE READING

The Artomatic

By: Evan Johnston on Jun 26th 2012
The Artomatic

Since 2008 the Artomatic has taken an empty building, wrangled as many artists as possible, and then set them loose in it. It’s Washington, DC’s biggest creative event: this year it featured over a thousand artists on eleven floors. There are workshops, musical performances, and comedy acts, the space is open for a month, and it’s free. In other words, it’s pretty much amazing. This amazement is also what makes the Artomatic such a navigational challenge. It’s easy to... CONTINUE READING

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