Stunning Spiral Mosaic Designs – From Posters to Minimalist Wall Clocks

By: Julia Wild on May 8th 2014
Stunning Spiral Mosaic Designs - From Posters to Minimalist Wall Clocks

Cody Small explains to the concept of the project: “The idea behind of the composition is to mimic the patterns found in nature, specifically The Fibonacci number. This sequence is found in the likes of Nautilus shells, Roses, the cochlea of the human inner ear, almost everything”. These clocks started as a poster series which you can see below: Cody Small goes onto explain “I’m fascinated by the concept that although the world may appear random and chaotic,... CONTINUE READING

This Weeks Finds – Simple Yet Innovative Product Designs

By: Julia Wild on May 6th 2014
This Weeks Finds - Simple Yet Innovative Product Designs

1. Senz° – the original storm umbrella There is nothing worse than having an umbrella that five minutes later turns inside out and then needs to be thrown away. As explained on the Senz° website “The story of senz° goes back to the fall of 2004, when a young and naïve Industrial Design Engineering student, Gerwin Hoogendoorn, experienced one week in which three of his umbrellas broke down. Being sick and tired of the massive amount of crappy umbrellas,... CONTINUE READING

Debbie Millman and Ilise Benun talk about what’s new at HOW Design Live

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on May 5th 2014
Debbie Millman and Ilise Benun talk about what’s new at HOW Design Live

The HOW Design Live 2014 kick off next Monday, in Boston brings an amazing, interdisciplinary speaker line up, including creative heavy–hitters Malcolm Gladwell, Seth Godin, Stefan Sagmeister and Maria Popova. But what also caught our attention were the changes in the Creative Freelancer Conference (now the Creative Freelancer Business Conference) founded by Marketing Mentor’s Ilise Benun and the newly added HOW Leadership Conference presented in partnership with Sterling Brands’ Debbie Millman. The changes speak to the ways that boundaries... CONTINUE READING

Shurong Diao Creates Alphabet From Long Rapunzel-like Hair

By: Julia Wild on Apr 30th 2014
Shurong Diao Creates Alphabet From Long Rapunzel-like Hair

Shurong Diao is a New York based design undergraduate student from the School of Visual Arts and for this particular project she used hair to create ‘hair alphabet’ letter forms. Inspired by Chinese calligraphy style Shurong Diao explains on her porfolio website that she wanted to build a connection between Chinese Characters and the Roman alphabet. And she has done this by substituting black ink on rice paper with long black hair. With Rapunzel-like hair Shurong has created the... CONTINUE READING

AMOA-Arthouse Rebrands To The Contemporary Austin

By: Matt Cannon on Mar 24th 2014
AMOA-Arthouse Rebrands To The Contemporary Austin

The resulting name, logo, and identity were basically just the two original identities combined, which created a general confusion and misconceptions about the new entity. The century-old museum and art school, AMOA-Arthouse, has changed their name to The Contemporary Austin, along with launching a new identity and establishing a reinvigorated exhibition focus. The museum uses both their full name and the shortened version, “The Contemporary”. The new vision for The Contemporary Austin will unite the museum’s two major venues,... CONTINUE READING

3D Print Show, NYC in Review

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Mar 17th 2014
3D Print Show, NYC in Review

The four-day event hosted by Adobe and Shapeways followed closely on the heels of Adobe’s announcement of 3D printing capabilities being introduced in Photoshop ® Creative Cloud , and served to showcase the breadth of 3D printing applications as well as underscore the potential creative and investment opportunities of 3D printing technology. My first stop was the gallery exhibit, where work from Adobe artists Paul Liaw, Francois Veraart and Tobias Klein along with Shapeways design contest winners was on... CONTINUE READING

Interview with studiomfd: Inspiration for the New Waylon Logo

By: Matt Cannon on Mar 10th 2014
Interview with studiomfd: Inspiration for the New Waylon Logo

They devote their time and attention to one project and grow to love each one, whether big or small, well-known or unknown. Preliminary Designs The custom typography is hard to miss. Dirks had the following to say about the eye-catching new type: “The final design all had to do with many, many hours of detailing. A well balanced curve is a very hard thing to create.” While the final design was love at first sight for Waylon, there were... CONTINUE READING

15 Creative Advertising Ideas and The Concept Behind it

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Mar 4th 2014
15 Creative Advertising Ideas and The Concept Behind it

Behind simple ideas like the ones listed below are large amounts of research and brainstorming from a large team inside the advertising agency or company. In order to create a successful advertising idea or concept for a client’s campaign, there must be stages that link the creative and marketing teams. The stages begin with planning the advertising campaign and go through the production phase, ending with research feedback from the consumers. Since this article is more concerned with featuring... CONTINUE READING

The Info About Infographics (Part 2)

By: Neil Tortorella on Feb 28th 2014
The Info About Infographics (Part 2)

Part two will give you practical insights into the process, typical elements of an infographic, such as headlines, context and the all-important story, or narrative, your infographic tells. Plus, I’ll share some tools for creating infographics, use of color and typography and more. This two-part article is just the tip of the info-iceberg. A web search will yield many more resources, tutorials and articles about the topic. Add in a bit of playing around with a pencil, paper and... CONTINUE READING

10% discount to Future Insights Live, Las Vegas, June 16 to 20 2014

By: Julia Wild on Feb 26th 2014
graphic design default

Conference: Future Insights Live When: June 16-20th 2014 Where: Las Vegas, Nevada, The New Tropicana hotel and casino, 3801 Las Vegas Blvd Discount: 10% Discount Code: GRAPHIC10 readers can receive a 10% discount for this amazing event. It is valid for every ticket option (event the early birds) exept workshop only and student passes. FILIVE is returning to Las Vegas for the third year in a row and offers 5 consecutive days of web design, development and mobile.... CONTINUE READING

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