Go: A Kidd’s Guide to Graphic Design

By: Evan Johnston on Oct 12th 2013
Go: A Kidd's Guide to Graphic Design

And keeping with tradition, he says that he’s designed over a thousand jackets in Go’s introduction. There are some designers who may be disappointed that Go is written for children, but while the book is written on a fourth grade level, it’s not lacking information. Absolutely no space is wasted—even the copyright page is used to explain the history of the copyright symbol. And every page has Kidd’s wit and verve: “Congratulations, you have decided to open this book,... CONTINUE READING

Finding Your Graphic Design Muse

By: Neil Tortorella on Oct 1st 2013
Finding Your Graphic Design Muse

For Toronto-based, Ronnie LeBow, owner and creative director at LEBOW, inspiration often comes while taking a shower. Susan Barnabee Long, a graphic designer based in Illinois, prefers to tuck problems away in a corner of her mind while they percolate. Design inspiration is all around us. It can be found in music, literature and other creative disciplines such as architecture, interior design, product design, illustration and photography. It’s simply a matter of paying attention. For example, children can be... CONTINUE READING

Presentation Tips for Graphic Designers – Part Three: The Design Presentation

By: Neil Tortorella on Sep 4th 2013
Presentation Tips for Graphic Designers – Part Three: The Design Presentation

After the project research, brainstorming sessions, thumbnails, rough layouts and such you’ve arrived at what you believe are, say, three solid solutions to your client’s quandary. It’s time for show and tell. The design presentation, when handled correctly, can cement your relationship with your client and have them doing the happy dance. Blow it and you can easily find yourself doing a myriad of revisions or worse. Worse would be your client saying, “Well … um … thanks for... CONTINUE READING

Presentation Tips for Graphic Designers – Part 2: The New Business Presentation

By: Neil Tortorella on Aug 31st 2013
Presentation Tips for Graphic Designers – Part 2: The New Business Presentation

However, don’t think designing is all you’ll be doing. There’s a good chance you may be recruited to attend a new business pitch at some point. That’s especially true if a small shop employs you. Even if there’s an account executive or two, many new business presentations include some creative folks. Prospective clients like to meet the person or persons who will be creating their materials. I’ve written this often, but it bears mention again – People buy from... CONTINUE READING

Nevada Boosts Tourism Effort With Brand Refresh

By: Matt Cannon on Aug 2nd 2013
Nevada Boosts Tourism Effort With Brand Refresh

The brand is currently being brought to life by the NCOT during its summer integrated marketing campaign across various multi-media platforms including a new website, new travel app and new advertising. Efforts will focus on adults ages 25 – 54 who are interested in active vacations, as well as young families. (Press Release) Designed by Y&R, a culture driven marketing company, the new logo is all caps and bold. The only thing that remains from the previous design is... CONTINUE READING

The Delicate Art of Saying No

By: Neil Tortorella on Jul 31st 2013
The Delicate Art of Saying No

When you’re out hunting down work because the well is drying up, it’s tempting to take on whatever comes through the door, rings the phone or chimes the inbox. There are loads of reasons to take on a job you probably should have passed up. Here are just a few: • The fridge is empty • The landlord’s knocking on your door • Creditors are calling to say, “hi” • You go to your car only to see Guido... CONTINUE READING

The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here – Passive Income for Graphic Designers

By: Neil Tortorella on Jul 20th 2013
The Buck Doesn’t Stop Here - Passive Income for Graphic Designers

The sales cycle for service businesses, such as graphic design, takes a long time. “Long time” means six months to a year or more from first contact to closing the deal. Yikes! Here’s more not-so-good news to consider. Many freelancers and small studios only have a handful of clients. Typically, one in that handful is the cash cow, representing the majority of revenue for the designer. Picture this. You’re happily designing away for Cash Cow, Inc., minding your own... CONTINUE READING

What Are Your First Impressions of Apple’s New iOS 7? Poll Article

By: Matt Cannon on Jul 3rd 2013
What Are Your First Impressions of Apple’s New iOS 7? Poll Article

Apple has launched the all new iOS 7, as a pre-release for developers featuring a new ‘flat’ designed interface, new control center, transparent animations and a design and functionality update to all standard iPhone apps. The new mobile operating system will be available for the iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5, the iPad 2, iPad third and fourth generation, the iPad mini and the iPod touch fifth generation. The design is a lot different than what previous iPhone users... CONTINUE READING

Estimating Web Design Projects

By: Neil Tortorella on Jul 2nd 2013
Estimating Web Design Projects

As a 21st Century graphic designer, you’re still expected to do all the print-related stuff as well as provide site designs services and other online eye candy for clients. Many client types don’t see a distinction between print and Web work. This is particularly true for small businesses, which are the revenue bread and butter for most independent graphic designers and many smaller firms. Let’s say you’ve landed a client. They need a site. The conversation usually goes something... CONTINUE READING

Thoughts on Book Expo America 2013

By: Evan Johnston on Jun 26th 2013
Thoughts on Book Expo America 2013

I attended my first Book Expo in 2002, working as a book designer for M. Evans and Company, and have gone about every other year or so, and I’ve attended in Chicago and Los Angeles, although for the last four years the expo has been held in New York. I remember George De Kay, a veteran publisher who passed away in 2003, telling me about the early days, when it was just books on tables. No booths, no author... CONTINUE READING

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