Why Designers Should Learn Photography

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Apr 29th 2013
Why Designers Should Learn Photography

Somehow the two fields are connected to each other. This makes many art schools add photography courses to their design degree requirements or vice versa. In this article, I will try to explore with you if graphic designers really need to learn about photography, and I would like to hear your personal opinion and experience about graphic design and photography as linked talents. Photography In Your Design If you are a graphic designer who works in any of the... CONTINUE READING

Top 10 Logo Design Tips (Part One)

By: Matt Cannon on Apr 5th 2013
Top 10 Logo Design Tips (Part One)

A logo can inspire recognition, trust and respect for a product or organization. It’s our duty as a designer to create an amazing iconic logo and a beautiful brand identity to back that up. According to Smashing Magazine, to understand what a logo is, we first must understand what the main purpose of logos are. The design process must aim to make the logo immediately recognizable, inspiring trust, admiration, loyalty and an implied superiority. Here are 10 tips to... CONTINUE READING

Top 5 Business Card Design Mistakes (Part Two)

By: Matt Cannon on Mar 12th 2013
Top 5 Business Card Design Mistakes (Part Two)

Check out Part One if you missed it 6. Handwriting Changes of Contact Information on Old Cards Giving a card to someone with an updated change in handwriting not only destroys and pollutes the design of your card it also shows a lot about your business ethics. People will automatically assume that you procrastinate and “Design New Business Cards” has been lingering on your to-do list for too long. Make sure you have new ones with the new information... CONTINUE READING

Top 5 Business Card Design Mistakes

By: Matt Cannon on Mar 8th 2013
Top 5 Business Card Design Mistakes

1. Too Much Information This isn’t a website, it’s a very small business card meant for networking, not telling your whole life story. Whoever is picking up your business card should immediately be able to find your website, email or phone number without searching for it. 2. Starting a Font War Too many fonts are never a good idea, especially if you are using more generic font choices. Don’t mix between bold, italicized and highly stylized fonts. While I... CONTINUE READING

Revive Your Resume with Vitamin T

By: Helena Wilson Beevers on Feb 14th 2013
Revive Your Resume with Vitamin T

Our friends over at Vitamin Talent have recently been offering creatives tips to revitalize their resume. Useful articles such as 9 Mistakes You Find on Design Resumes and 5 Tips for Making Your Resume More Engaging provide job seeking design talent with a comprehensive guide. Citing a U.S. News & World Report article as their source, Vitamin T state that in order to deliver a winning resume, individuals need to do the following… 1. Get over yourself 2. Answer... CONTINUE READING

Top 3 Ad Campaign Attacks of All Time

By: Matt Cannon on Feb 11th 2013
Top 3 Ad Campaign Attacks of All Time

Many monopolizing companies end up in a feud between each other because quite frankly, they’re in a league where they only have one another to compete against. In my opinion, the key here is to focus on keeping the market to themselves and keep more companies from joining their circle but these companies take stabs at each other year after year through comparative advertising. Here are our Top 3 Ad Campaign Attacks of All Time: 3. Burger King vs.... CONTINUE READING

Top 5 Worst Rebrands of 2012

By: Matt Cannon on Jan 15th 2013
Top 5 Worst Rebrands of 2012

This year our readers voted “Striving too far from the original design and concepts” as the choice for corporate rebrand failure. It was also said that a “logo that has an awkward or bad wordmark” could be harmful to the brand. Please keep in mind while reading that this is an opinionated piece. After reading let us know what your top 5 worst rebrands of 2012 are! 5. Chuck E. Cheese’s GraphicDesign.com Source The Chuck E. Cheese’s franchise rolled... CONTINUE READING

Setting up for 2013

By: Neil Tortorella on Jan 8th 2013
Setting up for 2013

Have you ever noticed how the older one gets, the faster the years seem to blow by? It’s one of those time-relativity things. When you’re five, a year represents 1/5 of your life. When you’re 50, it represents 1/50. Each year, our perception of time compresses, so the years roll by, seemingly faster and faster, until the next thing you know, AARP is filling up your mailbox with membership invitations and you find yourself considering which Medicare plan is... CONTINUE READING

Top 5 Rebrands of 2012

By: Matt Cannon on Jan 7th 2013
Top 5 Rebrands of 2012

The objective of rebranding is to influence a customer’s perception about a product or service by revitalizing the brand and making it seem more modern and relevant to the customer’s needs. Sometimes it’s done so right that we forget the old brand even existed or don’t even miss it at all. The new mark fits in with culture and gives us the feeling that the brand is persistently pushing into the future while promoting great design. Please keep in... CONTINUE READING

The World of Graphic Design in 2012

By: Neil Tortorella on Jan 3rd 2013
The World of Graphic Design in 2012

As we move from 2012 into 2013, it seems to be an appropriate time for reflection. What were the top design books and trends for the year? Let’s have a peek. Each year, logo design trends abound and 2012 was no different. LogoLounge.com provided some insights as to what designers were up to this past year. Report author and LogoLounge frontman, Bill Gardner, had this to say. “There’s plenty to be learned here, but you need to be looking... CONTINUE READING

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