Portfolios – The Bare Necessities of Brand Building

By: Kelly Moeller on Jun 12th 2012
Portfolios – The Bare Necessities of Brand Building

Recently I gave a talk with two fabulous women (Jacqueline Stetson and Barbara Millet) at UPA Boston on Portfolios and the need for them. The audience was a mixed group – Designers, Developers, Usability Professionals, and User Experience Designers. The primary resounding theme we found as the talk went on was the concept of “brand.” Let’s discuss this shall we? As a Designer / Developer / Copywriter – are you doing everything you can to truly embody and be... CONTINUE READING

Notes from Book Expo America 2012: Evolving Role of Designers in Publishing

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jun 12th 2012
Notes from Book Expo America 2012: Evolving Role of Designers in Publishing

Last week Book Expo America 2012 took place at Javits Center in New York City. According to a press release, this year the show boasted over 1,300 exhibitors, including 200 new companies, an 18% growth in new exhibitors from 2011. It may surprise some to learn that despite advertising’s higher profile, United States Bureau of Labor Statistics for May 2011 show publishing ahead as an industry employer of graphic design, employing designers for content such as books, magazines and... CONTINUE READING

Telemundo’s New Logo is Big, Red and Bonito

By: Matt Cannon on Jun 8th 2012
Telemundo’s New Logo is Big, Red and Bonito

Telemundo Media, the fastest growing broadcast network in primetime among adults 18-49, according to Nielsen, today announced its 2012-2013 programming lineup, with more than 800 hours of original content, increasing the network’s original programming slate by nearly 40 percent. The network’s new programming increase includes six telenovelas, two daytime shows and a reality competition. Telemundo backed up these new changes with a launch of its new branding campaign for the fall and unveiled a new logo capturing the essence... CONTINUE READING

The Best iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

By: Mirko Humbert on Jun 7th 2012
The Best iPhone Apps for Graphic Designers

With the launch of the iPhone several years ago, Apple created the cell phone that everybody wanted. Obviously, a revolutionary gadget like this one could not be ignored by graphic designers. Designers tend to be naturally attracted to Apple’s well designed products, no wonder the iPhone became very popular among them. Of course, graphic designers bought the iPhone for it’s awesome design, wonderful features, and a little for the ego boost. However, on the long term, I would argue... CONTINUE READING

The New Creative Cloud Membership: Is it Really Worth it? (Poll Question)

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jun 5th 2012
The New Creative Cloud Membership: Is it Really Worth it? (Poll Question)

Adobe is one of the leading companies among design and animation software and tools, and it is rare to find a designer who does not rely on one or more of the Adobe tools in their workflow. After releasing the Adobe Creative Suite, the company started to build a solid integration between applications that help designers work fluently and smoothly with their different products and to transfer projects from one application to another much easier than before. Actually, there... CONTINUE READING

Politics and Design Inseparable in “The Life of Julia”?

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jun 4th 2012
Politics and Design Inseparable in “The Life of Julia”?

Earlier this month “The Life of Julia,” an interactive slideshow designed to contrast the Obama campaign’s policies with Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney’s managed to cause a bit of a stir, generating over 2,900 tweets on Twitter, 51,000 “Likes” on Facebook (as of this writing) and filling the blogosphere and online news channels with an assortment of rebukes, responses and parodies. Politically speaking, perhaps not much remains to be explored. But what about from a graphic design standpoint? Embedded... CONTINUE READING

Excited About Graphic Design Again!

By: David Bricker on May 31st 2012
Excited About Graphic Design Again!

As a student of the history of graphic design, I’ve observed that technology—everything from the first reed stylus to Gutenberg’s moveable type—has always been a primary driver of change. When production moved to the desktop, technology took the lead and design got left behind. Thanks to new tools for designers, that’s changing. I’m excited about graphic design again. A work floor full of typesetters showed up at the New York Tribune in 1886, only to be thanked for their... CONTINUE READING

Lifetime Network Gives Birth to a New Brand

By: Matt Cannon on May 30th 2012
Lifetime Network Gives Birth to a New Brand

Lifetime Network, a channel largely dedicated to targeting the everyday women’s lifestyle has introduced a new brand identity and tagline. Lifetime’s Tim Nolan, Senior President of Marketing took on the project. The effort was also assisted by Leroy + Clarkson, headed by Creative Director Daniele Fries. Building upon his experience as a partner and creative director of Eyeballnyc, where he helped to pioneer the boutique motion design industry, Daniel Fries continues to dimensionalize the brand experience with L+C. By... CONTINUE READING

Product Review: QuoteRoller Proposal Generator Software

By: Neil Tortorella on May 28th 2012
Product Review: QuoteRoller Proposal Generator Software

Over the past (Ahem) 35 years, I’ve written enough proposals to fill a tractor-trailer. In the beginning, I was pretty clueless and writing a proposal took a fair amount of time. Back then my close rate wasn’t too hot, either. But, with time and experience, they became easier to research and write. My close rate started to climb, as well. Proposals are one of those necessary business evils many designers wrestle with, newbies and vets, alike. What should be... CONTINUE READING

How to Keep Your Creativity Up and Running

By: Rafiq Elmansy on May 22nd 2012
How to Keep Your Creativity Up and Running

It has been years since I started my career as a graphic designer, and I can still remember the passion and enthusiasm to get my first design task. Many designers get the same feeling when they finish their studies or design school and start their career. As time passes, you experience the ups and downs of your career; you sometimes meet annoying clients, have to work under stress and might encounter problems that could even spoil your great ideas.... CONTINUE READING

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