Exploring the New Updates in Photoshop CC 2014

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Aug 4th 2014
Exploring the New Updates in Photoshop CC 2014

Unlike the previous Adobe Creative Suite, you do not have to buy the new updated versions in DVDs anymore. As an Adobe Creative Cloud paid member, you will find the updated versions appear in the Adobe CC client in your computer toolbar. All the user needs to do is to click on the Download button to install the application directly on your system. You do not need to worry about the Windows or Mac versions anymore, as the Adobe... CONTINUE READING

3D Printing in Photoshop CC

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jan 31st 2014
3D Printing in Photoshop CC

As 3D printing technology evolves to become one of the most promising cutting-edge technologies in the 3D industry, it is an amazing surprise to discover that Adobe’s newly updated version of Photoshop CC supports 3D printing. Along with the new updates of Photoshop features covered in Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch’s article, “New Drool-Worthy Adobe Creative Cloud Features,” the new Photoshop CC update includes 3D printing support. The 3D printing feature allows you to print your 3D project from Photoshop with commonly... CONTINUE READING

Creating Shapes in Photoshop CS6

By: James George on Feb 1st 2013
Creating Shapes in Photoshop CS6

Being able to create shapes in Photoshop is essential for many different tasks. You use shapes to create your own illustrations, posters, and even logos. You’ve always been able to create shapes in Photoshop, but in Photoshop CS6, Adobe has added strokes to their shapes and overhauled the menu for applying fills and strokes. Let’s take a look at the tools and options available for creating shapes in Photoshop CS6. Select one of the shape tools, such as the... CONTINUE READING

3D in Photoshop Part 2

By: James George on Jan 11th 2013
3D in Photoshop Part 2

In part 1 of 3D in Photoshop, we covered a lot about the interface itself and how each setting affects how your 3D object will look. It is important to understand how these pieces relate to each other and how they actually work. This understanding will help you when learning how to use some of the more advanced techniques, like the one you will be seeing today. Create a new document in Photoshop. The one I created is 1024px... CONTINUE READING

Working with 3D in Photoshop

By: James George on Dec 5th 2012
Working with 3D in Photoshop

Photoshop is a great tool for creating almost anything you can imagine. You can retouch photos, create interesting type effects, special effects and much more. Within the last few versions, Adobe has really been working on enabling their users to create realistic, beautiful artwork in 3D. We will be exploring how to do that in Photoshop. We will also be covering the menus and settings that go with it. One of the great things you can do with 3D... CONTINUE READING

How to Create a 3D Spaceship Scene in Photoshop

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Nov 6th 2012
How to Create a 3D Spaceship Scene in Photoshop

The advanced 3D features in Photoshop can help you to create 3D scenes directly in Photoshop without having to learn complex 3D applications. These features are suitable for graphic designers and web designers who would like to build simple 3D work without leaving their favorite Photoshop application. In our previous tutorial we have learnt Building a 3D Scene in Photoshop CS6. In today’s tutorial we will continue learning about the 3D features in Photoshop and see how to create... CONTINUE READING

How to Control Type in Photoshop

By: James George on Sep 24th 2012
How to Control Type in Photoshop

Photoshop hasn’t always been known for its flexibility with type. You can create display type or short, large instances of type, but when you need to edit large bodies of type, we used to be at a loss with Photoshop. Now, Photoshop has integrated character and paragraph styles that we can use to format our text and save formats to call up later. The type controls in Photoshop are fairly simple. When you want to place type in a... CONTINUE READING

Uses for Paths in Photoshop

By: James George on Sep 4th 2012
Uses for Paths in Photoshop

One of the handiest features in Photoshop is the ability to make a path. Paths give us several capabilities that we normally wouldn’t have with any other method. There are plenty of practical uses for paths in Photoshop, and they are an essential part of any designer’s arsenal. Mask Out Objects for Publishing Software One of the most important things that you can do with a path is determine exactly what is masked out of an image when working... CONTINUE READING

10 Must Have Photoshop Plugins (Poll Article)

By: Mirko Humbert on Sep 3rd 2012
10 Must Have Photoshop Plugins (Poll Article)

Photoshop is an amazing software, it allows you to do pretty much anything you want with a pixelated image. Whether it’s a photograph or a digital painting doesn’t really matter, the software capabilities let you turn it into something totally different if you want. Most Photoshop users don’t really take advantage of the power of this image editing tool. Amateur photographers just edit their photos or create panoramas, pre-press professionals check and eventually edit the pictures included in the... CONTINUE READING

Displacement Maps in Photoshop

By: James George on Aug 21st 2012
Displacement Maps in Photoshop

Making a texture fit another form can be really difficult to execute, simply because you are trying to take a flat, 2D image and make it appear to fit a rounded object with light and shadows. Luckily Adobe thought of a fairly simple way to make this task look more realistic. They implemented a menu called Displacement Maps. Basically a Displacement Map is where you take a flat image or texture, and force it to fit another form. In... CONTINUE READING

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