Welcomes Dave Gorum as a Featured Writer

Dave Gorum is the creative director and co-founder of Carbonmade, an online portfolio service that helps creative folks show off their work. The idea came about over the 2005 Christmas holiday when Dave and his coding partner Jason Nelson set about solving the problem of managing the unwieldy monster that was Dave’s ever-growing portfolio. A week of hacking and the first version of the app was born. Slowly, the word got out and now Carbonmade is home to over 500,000 portfolios… and counting.

As for Dave himself, he enjoys cycling, talking nonsense with his two best friends on a podcast called Dinobrain!, eating leafy vegetables and hanging out with his hounds, Pony and Finn. He has been designing for over a decade, has two arms, at least one leg and has been known to take pictures of the sun. He splits his time between New York City and Chicago and thinks the pizza is edible in both places.