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Our mission is to help our clients business’s speak louder, by building user friendly memorable web experiences that create an effective online presence. This isn't just a job for us, it's what we do best. We pay attention to details, we're picky, and we never take our thinking caps off.

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About AudioLogic Web Solutions, LLC

AudioLogic Web Solutions is a small design and web development firm with its headquarters in Los Angeles, CA and New York, NY. We have been in business for over 4 years, and have been in the industry for a combined total of over 50 years.

We are a team of experts that design and develop successful websites and creative projects by planning ahead, following through, and always holding high expectations. We build websites using the best practices in terms of web standards and accessibility. We focus on your website’s size, speed, and structure during the design process. Our careful attention to detail assures that the quality of your project matches the quality of your business. Please view our work for some of our current clients.


Services and Specialties

• Graphic design
We make stuff look good. What else can we say?

• Search Engine Optimization
We make sure Google loves your website just as much as you do. With our approach to search engine optimization and online marketing, you can rest assured that plenty of customers will be delivered to your doorstep. We work through a strategic process, that ensures that your website has all of the necessary ranking criteria to appeal to “the big 3” search engines: Google, Yahoo, and MSN. We even set up specific tools so that you can track your website visitors. Stop searching for customers and make sure they are searching for you.

• Content Management
There is no need to contact us to update content on your site. You can now easily update content with our custom Content Management System, AudioLogic Manager. It's at your fingertips 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, and requires no programming knowledge! With AudioLogic Manager you reduce your website maintenance costs significantly. There is also no wait time to update so you can react to market changes up to the minute. This is essential for many internet businesses who are looking for a solid web presence and return customers. The best part is it doesn’t stop with only your content. AudioLogic Manager gives you complete control over your website's content - such as page text, blogs, newsletter, forums, e-commerce, and much more. It’s a beautiful thing when you control the show.

• E-Commerce
A good online store increases your sales and marketing effectiveness by providing your customers an easy and safe way to order your products. It’s all about saving time, and money. The best part about an online store is customers can order via your website 24/7! Your office or store hours, your staff count, or if anyone is available at all, is all irrelevant! You don’t even need to be awake to make a sale! This can really save you money while increasing sales as well as customer convenience. We will set up your store to send automatic emails confirming customers orders, and to even let them know when the order has shipped. We automate the whole process for you, so that you aren’t taking up your valuable time tracking your customers information. Your customers will also be able to login to your website where they can view their order histories, and track their orders and see if they have shipped. Now wake up, have a cup of coffee, and see how many sales you made last night while you were sleeping!

• Newsletters
Email Newsletters are a great way to get in closer contact with customers and they can be highly beneficial to your business. Not only do they help you to revive an old customer base, they help you distribute information to a wide audience at very little cost. You can personalize your emails to target a specific market, instead of sending out a generic email. You can design your own newsletters, send them in plain text, or have us design professional HTML newsletters for you, thereby eliminating some of the dirty work for you.

We also specialize in:
Blogs / Photo Galleries / Logo Design / Print Media / Copywriting / Flash / Video Editing

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