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Designs Connexion is a multifaceted company that was created out of the need for high quality services at a low cost. The company’s structure can be dissected into four main and interrelated areas that share a mutual relationship. That is, they can balance the outcome of a companies end result. Changing whether the company becomes successful or not and making or breaking their long-term outcome.

About Designs Connexion

First, Designs Connexion introduces Graphic Design Services consisting of branding, logos, publications, signs, posters, flyers, brochures, newsletters, etc… Second, we offer Web Design Services that involve anything from new “out of the box” designs, templates, custom databases, forms, etc… Third, we supply quality and caring Computer Support Services that consist of anything from virus control to hardware and software installs to full operating system loading. And Forth, we’re proud to offer something that I’ve never really heard of a design company offering. In fact, most design companies don’t even offer the computer support that we do. Not only do we offer that but we also provide Video and Audio Editing Services. Video/Audio Editing is the service that adds that little extra flair to stand out in the crowd. To set yourself out ahead of the rest. Designs Connexion cares about our customers needs and support each of them to the best of our ability. We make a commitment to providing you with first-rate service. Service that is customized and personalized to fit your companies every need and desire to grow in this ever-changing fast paced media driven society that we live in today. Changing and growing with this media is the key to staying on top of the game and one your company can’t afford not to be a part of. Designs Connexion helps make that happen for you.

Services and Specialties

Graphic Design, Web Design, Computer Support, & Video and Audio Editing

Graphic Design - Brochures, Logos, Posters, Business Cards, etc...

Web Design - Custom "out of the box" designs, Databases, SEO, etc...

Computer Support - Computer Repair and Support Services for both PC and MAC.

Video & Audio Editing - Office loop commercials for your lobby, rss feeds and podcasts, etc...

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