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13 North Main Street, South Norwalk, CT 06854
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About fiZz Agency

What We Dudley Do Right

We are fiZzicists! (We believe in the power of analytical data and effervescence — those tiny bubbles that tickle your nose and make your mouth tingle.)

We help you put your best foot forward. (Even if you have two left feet.)

We communicate, demonstrate and elaborate your brand’s strengths and benefits across the right media channels at the right time to reach your clients and customers with the right messaging. (And, scoop up new ones.)

How do we know? We cut our teeth on digital in the 80s — producing interactive content, websites, touch screen kiosks and software applications — and we’re still going strong. (We don’t jump on the bandwagon — we are the bandwagon!)

We’ve worked extensively in the healthcare, luxury goods, publishing, high-tech, fashion, entertainment, manufacturing, education, consumer products and corporate communications sectors.

We partner short or long-term with you and your team to bring fresh collaborative ideas to the table and execute them with seamless results.

We’re fast, fun, friendly, caring, professional, serious, creative, hardworking, motivated and accountable. (And, sometimes we’re those crazy cat people, posting photos of our magnificent studio kitties, Scootie and Squeaks, on the internet.)

fiZz provides comprehensive solutions for startups and smaller companies — and, teams up with big agencies and brands to provide selective expertise on key projects.

Services and Specialties

fiZz — Fresh Communication for the Modern World: • Marketing Strategy • Public Relations • Brand Identity • Creative Direction • Project Management • Communication Design • Web/Digital Design • Illustration • Product Design • Copy Writing • Blogging • Events • Education • Promotion • Social Media Planning, Execution + Training

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