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260 Peter St, Suite 203
Port Hope, ON L1A 3V6
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It all starts with a great idea. A spark. That “Aha” moment. That millisecond when left and right brain connect in perfect unison, when creativity and practicality are one and the same. When we reach that place we seem to connect with something far greater than ourselves. As if we’re reaching into the consciousness of The Universe itself. We live for that moment!

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About QUENCH Design & Communications

Some say that in business, image is everything. We think it’s much more than that. In today’s over-saturated market even the very best products can get lost without effective branding, packaging design and POS display. Our job is to get your brand and product noticed in an elegant way that doesn’t scream, LOOK AT ME. Good design is subtle and draws people in without having to resort to yelling.

We design, code, host and maintain state of the art, handcrafted websites, micro-sites, blogs, landing pages and apps for that display consistently on computers, laptops, tablets and mobile platforms – most call this responsive design and programming, we call it common sense. We code our websites to comply with W3C standards, and with impaired accessibility in mind.

Services and Specialties

We offer consultation, creative design for print and web, programming and development for online applications, marketing and brand management services to effectively promote and leverage your brand and its reputation. We develop and implement brand and marketing strategies for your business in all areas of advertising, including corporate identity and creative design and production of high-quality marketing, corporate communication and promotional materials.

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