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206 South main street, Suite 1, Goshen, IN, 46526
(440) 591 8799
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Studio Ace of Spade offers services that span over the domains of print, web, and beyond.

About Studio Ace of Spades

Studio Ace of Spade was born in October of 2010 over a cup of coffee at a local cafe in downtown Goshen, Indiana. Founded by Simon Birky Hartmann and Jon Savage, it was decided that is was time to take a deep breath, and plunge headfirst into the design world to relentlessly pursue hopes and dreams. Ever since that October day, we’ve have been working tirelessly to set ourselves and our clients apart from the competition.

Patience, planning, and attention to detail are fundamental aspects of our business. We understand that without proper project management, projects can crumble and money is virtually set on fire. Therefore, we always take time to develop, implement, review, and revise our processes. This not only ensures that work is done faster and with greater efficiency, but also produces a better end product.

While we are creative people, we never leave our work to chance. We design and work with end products and measurable goals in mind, ensuring that our methods work, and that we are achieving our goals.

Services and Specialties

Studio Ace of Spade offers services that span over the domains of print, web, and beyond. We will help you from the inception of your brand all the way to its application on various supports, from the key messaging formulation to its visual expression across the various communication channels you’ll need.

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