Welcomes Mirko Humbert as a Featured Contributor

Mirko Humbert has been working as a freelance writer for more than 7 years. After graduating from the ERACOM, a leading Graphic Design and Arts institute located in Lausanne Switzerland, he immediately went on to pursue his passion as a writer.

He first worked in his small hometown where he grew up in Fribourg Switzerland. Later on he had an opportunity to relocate to the beautiful and exotic city of Dali in the south of China, where he enjoyed many unique experiences both professionally and personally. Aside from living in Switzerland and China, he also lived for 2 years in the USA, playing basketball as a semi-professional.

Mirko Humbert is an active graphic designer and blogs for various sites, but mostly for his own two blogs: Designer Daily and Typography Daily. You can also join him on Twitter or Flickr.