Welcomes David Hong as a Featured Writer

David Hong, owner and founder of Pneuma Design, is a motion graphics and visual effects artist with 9 years of experience in the industry. He believes stories have the power to carry a brand’s message in a clear, consistent, and compelling manner. Stories not only drive brand distinction, but also provide a means for a company to engage its employees and electrify audiences. Whether he’s crafting a show package, rebranding a network, or building a startup, the brand story is his compass and at the heart of everything he does.

When he’s not busy telling stories and pushing pixels, he loves roaming the world with his beautiful wife and precocious son, seeking out new culinary adventures and cultural experiences. In addition to traveling on terra firma, he is also greatly fascinated (obsessed) by deep sea and space exploration and longs for the day when both become as commonly (and affordably) available as plane tickets. Until that day, he will do what every other respectable motion designer and VFX artist would do – create it in post.