Welcomes Kelly Moeller as a Featured Writer

Kelly is the Boston Team Manager of Vitamin T – a new division of Aquent, the largest creative talent agency in the world. As a tenured Agent and Talent Recruiter with 10 years of making great connections happen, Kelly is an advocate, a matchmaker, a bundle of energy, a storyteller – and most importantly a relationship builder.

Prior to joining Vitamin T/Aquent, Kelly finished her Master’s of Science in International Relations and Comparative Politics and contributed as an author to The CIA and Domestic Counterintelligence: Pro and Con. In Tom Lansford and Robert P. Watson (Eds.), Debating the War on Terror. Kendall-Hunt (2003).

After several years in IT consulting, Kelly joined Aquent three years ago and dove head first into the wild world of all things WEB! Her focus is recruiting and retaining top Creative Digital Talent for Boston-based clients with a specific focus on Design, Development, Mobile, and Content Creation. In an effort to help bring some of the most creative people in Boston together, she recently co-created a MeetUp group to help bring Digital Creative Talent together one per month called: Digital Rendezvous!!