Gathering in NYC

On Monday July 9th had a gathering in New York City. We would like to thank all those who attended. It was fantastic to meet some of our writers, advisory board and partners in person. The evening took place at the Liberty NYC where everyone enjoyed (well I hope they did!) wine, beer and food! It was great to see everyone chatting to each other and in some cases make new acquaintances/friends.

Hopefully we will be able to do it again soon but this time with EVERYONE who is part of the team.

Once again thank you to those who came (especially those who came from far). Here are a few snapshots of the gathering (names listed are from left to right):

NYC-Gathering.jpgNicole Spiegel-Gotsch and Natalie Gourvitch

NYC-Gathering1.jpgIlene Strizver, kHyal, Ilise Benun, Alison Hau and Donna Farrugia

NYC-Gathering2.jpgShahrouz Varshabi, Marc Scoleri and Christine Medley

NYC-Gathering3.jpgRod Berg and Mike Jackness

NYC-Gathering4.jpgDonna Farrugia and Matt Hocking

NYC-Gathering5.jpgKarl Heine, Rodney Durso, kHyal and Ilene Strizver

NYC-Gathering6.jpgJulia Wild, Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch and Rodney Durso

NYC-Gathering7.jpgIlise Benun, Donna Farrugia, Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch, Julia Wild and Alison Hau