Welcomes Jessica Meoni as a Featured Writer

Jessica Meoni is a graduate student and in-house graphic designer in the Marketing & Communications Department at Marywood University in Scranton, Pennsylvania. With an eye for color, type, and marketing solutions, Jessica is effective and flexible in creating promotional designs. Her philosophy correlates the tangibility of analog practices such as developing film to modern-day practices such as utilizing Adobe Illustrator. Thus, her outlook relies heavily on learning traditional methods of design first before venturing into more digitized techniques.

Primarily, her research rest in painting, photography, printmaking, book binding and sewing but she is also versed in most Adobe design programs as well and aims at interweaving the two processes. Over the years, Jessica has interned at numerous organizations and freelanced along the way, gathering proficiency in communicating with an array of clients as diverse as Southern Californian heritage museums to science film festivals rooted in New York City. During her undergraduate study, she interned at Northeastern based startups Solid Cactus e-Commerce and Ideaworks Food Marketing.

From there, she participated in several community art projects such as the Sketchbook Project and the Visual Encyclopedia Canvas at the Art House Co-op in Brooklyn. In the humming summers of her hometown, Jessica dedicates the month of June to showcase hand-crafted paper goods, letterpressed memories and more at the Scranton Zine Festival she founded in 2011. After obtaining her MFA, Jessica plans to use her design efforts to act as a catalyst for social change through county-funded programs like Arts Alive, Arts Engage and more.