Art Director

Full-Time Position Victory World Church Atlanta, GA
Art Director

I am looking for someone to lead creatively with me, to build something.

I need a great designer AND someone who can lead other designers as they create.

You will create, you will strategize, you will dream.

Not just for us, but to birth great artists for other churches.

I’m looking for someone that not only has design chops but can also partner with me to build this team and grow with it.

At first I called this a Sr. Designer but I wasn’t setting the right expectation…it’s more than that. I was hesitant to call it Art Director as it’s not your typical art director position, as you’ll be creating much of the art that we use. You will create, you will also lead.

But it is much more than a title. Your title will be Art Director (or maybe we’ll come up with something fancy like Experience Artist) but I’m looking for someone to work with me to build something that makes a difference, that makes an impact on how we do church.

I am building a team that helps not just this church but be a resource and example to the global church of how to craft an amazing church experience, do we share this passion? If it does email me: michael /AT/ (this is for the church but our gatekeeping software probably will bounce you when you attach a portfolio, etc.)

This is a full time, full benefits, flexible and fun opportunity in Atlanta.


You have to be passionate about design and breathing creativity into the church.

Great portfolio + passion + ability to both lead and follow.


Email me at michael /AT/ holycow DOT org (this is for the church but our filters will probably bounce your email when you attach a portfolio, etc. to it)