U/I Designer

Full-Time Position Verizon Wireless Basking Ridge, NJ
U/I Designer

The ideal candidate will have three areas of responsibility: (a) Visual Design, (b) Mobile Application Prototyping, (c) Video Production.

(a) Visual Design:
+ Create production-quality visual designs and final assets for VZW applications and services.
+ Create design solution based on existing guidelines. Extend guidelines to new domains.
+ Coordinate requirements gathering and design reviews with internal and external stakeholders.
+ Manage relationships with other design and branding organizations within and outside of VZW.
+ Work closely with internal and external developers to execute designs.
+ Verify that user interface designs comply with relevant VZW guidelines and requirements.

(b) Mobile Application Prototyping:
+ Work with VZW UI teams to understand application prototyping needs.
+ Create flows, wireframes, mockups and prototypes for proof of concept and user testing.
+ Purchase, setup and maintain prototyping and application development software and hardware.
+ Promote the role of mobile application prototyping within the VZW marketing organization.

(c) Video:
+ Develop production-quality instructional video for mobile devices and social networking media such as YouTube. + (Ability to create and edit video for small screen devices is a plus.)
+ Edit video content recorded during user testing sessions (usability studies and focus groups) and prepare for distribution.
+ Purchase, setup and maintain video software and hardware.

Exceptional skills in one area may compensate for less experience in another.


+ 1+ years - Mobile device/small screen visual design and prototyping

+ BA/BS in fine arts, computer science, human factors, information design, media or related field. Some advanced training (e.g., Masters) is preferred but not required

+ Ideal candidate will be familiar with Java, HTML5, PhoneGap, OpenGL, Android and iOS programming, video editing software.
+ Proficient with Adobe Suite programs.
+ Ability to produce high-quality output under time pressures.
+ Ability to work independently, as well as with diverse teams.
+ Excellent organization and communication skills, fast learner.


Send via email to [email protected]