User Experience (UX) Architect

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User Experience (UX) Architect

Are you passionate about creating user-friendly, efficient, and memorable web applications? Do you live & breath digital? Do you have a good understanding of human behavior in the digital world? Do you want to work in a customer driven environment? Do you enjoy creating experiences for thousands of users across many countries? Do you have an entrepreneurial spirit and genuinely want to be part of building the legacy of how startup companies are built and funded in the future? If so, we have the job for you! Grow VC is looking for a talented and driven User Experience (UX) Architect to join our growing global team.

Main tasks (these will change as we go along):
1. Working with the Lead User Experience Architect, Visual Designer and Developers to complete user experience deliverables for the new Grow VC UI (e.g. wireframes of specific pages)
2. Getting involved with creating UX architectures of our portfolio clients’ websites and applications

This role is NOT for someone:
– Who thinks they will work with us for a few months, earning enough money to retire for the rest of their lives
– Who thinks partying and bumming around is more important than getting the job done
– Who is not willing to learn new things
– Who is content with doing the same thing over and over again, because it has always worked before

Why do we say entrepreneurial?

Working with us is much like being a core part of an open source project, but you actually earn ownership in Grow VC from what you are building together with the rest of our team. In fact all our global team are working with this model, where all of us are committed to building this venture and creating something monumental.

Along the way, you will learn a lot about how startups are built and funded, what it takes to build a global venture and make meaningful connections. Being part of our team, we are naturally glad to help each other out now and in the future.

It’s possible to work remotely and part time, as long as the average hours per week are productive and purposeful for both us and you (10+ hours per week).

If you have what it takes and are interested to build the future of startup funding, make your bid and / or send a message and we will send you more details.

Grow VC also works with partner organizations in our development, for example software companies. For company partners of various sizes, that see the potential in what we are building, this model provides a way in to diversify the portfolio and operations, and naturally being part of building a global venture. For us, our partners are a core part of our team and have a real interest and stake in building the global network and community that is Grow VC.


The candidate must be comfortable in using one of the following wire framing tools Omnigraffle, Visio or Axure) to produce both lo-fi and hi-fi wireframes. A self-starter who uses intrinsic motivation to complete tasks and has had experience creating experience architectures for websites and/or applications, with decent knowledge of how front-end technologies (HTML, CSS, etc) work (does not need to code). The candidate would have been involved in at least one end-to-end process of developing the UX architecture for a website and/or application. We are looking for a creative thinker who can come up with innovative solutions and has a 'good eye' for design.

In addition it's beneficial if you have a good knowledge of how businesses work and are able to plan/run/analyze qualitative studies, present the findings in a meaningful way and to use the findings to improve the user experience of a website/application. Other qualities that we look for are knowledge of back-end technologies and most important of all, an interest in start-ups and/or crowd funding.


If you are interested in working with Grow VC, please express your interest via the following link:

Candidates Only! - It is NOT OK for recruiters or others to solicit this company.