UX Designer

Full-Time Position Vitamin T Cambridge, MA
UX Designer

A UX focused start up in Cambridge is looking for a UX Designer, full time, temp to perm. Here is what you’ll need to succeed.

1. Nimble Mind: How do you go about solving problems? Do you weigh all the evidence first or make a decision based on intuition? To thrive in this role, you will need to be quick on your feet while also processing lots of information, so you can field questions from clients confidently and honestly.

2. Solid Communication: Can you confidently lead a discussion with complete strangers? Can you transform a situation with an unhappy client, or clarify if there is a miscommunication? To excel in this role you’ll need patience, a desire to listen before speaking, and an ability to understand multiple view points. You’ll need to communicate openly and candidly, while maintaining a level of tact and diplomacy.

3. Design Chops: Are you a Photoshop master? Do you have an eye for typography, color theory and composition? A UX designer not only solves problems and works with user research, but also has a keen eye for aesthetics. As a mix of left and right brain, you should be able to satiate client’s desire for eye candy while satisfying the business’s need for results.

4. Coding Experience: Do you get excited when trying to turn a visual design or experience into a reality with code? This role requires you to feel comfortable working with HTML and CSS, and, if you are really ambitious, jQuery too. You will need to know enough about the major browsers to be able to do your job efficiently, and have cursory knowledge on how servers and databases work so you can help with any technical solutions.


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