Welcomes Nathan Weller as a Featured Writer

Nathan Weller is the Founder & CEO of Black Cat Digital Publishing. His company – aside from producing their own products and websites – provides top quality content for digital publishers across multiple platforms. Nathan’s love for design stems from his broader love for creativity and the art of communication. As a ferocious reader and avid storyteller, having a job that entailed telling stories (both true and fictional) wasn’t really an option, but an inescapable trajectory that began in grade school and picked up speed in high school when he started freelancing.

His early jobs were all print design for local businesses but over time developed into him working on the design team in a new media studio that still focused primarily on video work for film, television, and the web. At this middle stage he began producing and directing which meant rounding out his graphic design skill set with clear copy writing, a working knowledge of motion graphics, photography/cinematography, editing, and project management. All of which has lead to Nathan’s ability to effectively lead and communicate to creative writers, artists, designers, and web developers in his current work.