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Renowned photographer and author Douglas Kirk presents this new tutorial about the art of photographing children and families. It can certainly be challenging to take that perfect snapshot but Kirk teaches the techniques to taking photos of children of all ages in addition to photos with parents and siblings. He talks about the importance of capturing those timeless memories as well as the use of LED fill light, the use of ambient light, demonstrations of useful techniques, suggestions for studio settings, how to work and play with toddlers, the use of props and toys, and how to pose families together.

Topics include:
• How to photograph kids and families, together and separate
• Setting the stage
• Connecting with kids
• Family portraits in the studio
• Crafting a vision

Level: Appropriate for All
Length: 37m 10s
Release Date: September 12, 2012

Here is a preview of the tutorial to give you a good idea of what the tutorial is like:

Course preview