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Shake off those nervous jitters and learn how to effectively speak publicly with confidence. Author Laura Bergells teaches you how to prepare and deliver your speech with poise and self-assurance. She provides practical methods to preparing and delivering your speech as well as personal insights to boost your confidence. Through the course, learn to identify your audience, develop personal credibility, storyboard your speech, cope with anxiety, add character and personality to your speech, handle mistakes, eliminate crutch words, use props and visual aids, and take and respond to questions and feedback.

Topics include:
• Preparing your speech
• Warming up
• Opening
• Delivering
• Closing

Level: Appropriate for All
Length: 1h 4m
Release Date: August 31, 2012

Here is a preview of the tutorial to give you a good idea of what the tutorial is like:

Effective Public Speaking | by Laura Bergells

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