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Through this course, learn how to create render passes in Autodesk Maya and how to recombine the passes in Adobe After Effects. Author, animator, and director Lee Lanier teaches viewers in this quick and effective course the Render Layer Editor and mental ray rendering system. Furthermore, learn how to work with image sequences, match 3D camera video footage, light models in Maya, split scenes into multiple render passes, batch render, setup and manage motion trackers, refine layers with rotoscoping, add special effects, and use color correction. Lanier is very thorough in this training course helping you understand Maya Rendering and all its benefits.

Topics include:
• Prepping a Maya scene
• Introduction to the Render Layer Editor
• Creating render passes with mental ray
• Recombining render passes in After Effects
• Transforming motion tracking in After Effects
• Transforming motion tracking to a moving camera
• Stabilization and corner pin motion tracking

Level: Intermediate
Length: 3h 9m
Release Date: August 17, 2012

Here is a preview of the tutorial to give you a good idea of what the tutorial is like: