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Learn about the basics and fundamentals of SEO, search engine optimization, and how to increase your website’s online visibility and draw more traffic to your webpage. Consultant, instructor, and author David Booth leads the course on employing search engine optimization on your website to increase your page results and site rankings. Learn how search engines index content, how to research keywords, build inbound links, use SEO tools, apply content quality, define your audience and style, promote your content through social media, and measure your SEO effectiveness.

Topics include:
• Overview of Search Engine Optimization
• Keywords: The foundations of SEO
• Content optimization: How search engines and people view web pages
• Content optimization: Technical SEO
• Long term content planning
• Link-building strategies
• Measuring SEO effectiveness
• SEO for ecommerce
• Local search
• International SEO

Level: Beginner
Length: 3h 29m
Release Date: September 17, 2012

Here is a preview of the tutorial to give you a good idea of what the tutorial is like:

SEO Fundamentals | by David Booth

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