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Justin Seeley digs into the popular and ever-growing world of Facebook. This social media networking site is full of options and is really a great place to connect with family and friends and network for incredible business opportunities. Learn how to find and dialog with friends, share pictures and videos, update your status and comment on others, chat, share links, send and receive private messages, and set application settings. You’ll also learn to control your privacy settings and learn how to use Facebook on your smartphone without ever compromising your security.

Topics include:
• Getting started with Facebook
• Learning the lingo
• Building your friends list
• Working with the news feed
• Posting photos and video
• Adjusting privacy settings
• Accessing Facebook on the go

Level: Beginner
Length: 1h 57m
Release Date: September 14, 2012

Here is a preview of the tutorial to give you a good idea of what the tutorial is like:

Up and Running with Facebook | by Justin Seeley

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