The Letterpress Monster

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 5th 2012
The Letterpress Monster is the brand new website from designer and printer Ian Gabb. The Royal College of Art’s letterpress technician, Gabb, displays his own work through the site as well as showcasing a personal collection made up of record covers, matchbox labels, postcards and posters. Gabb acquired the nickname The Letterpress Monster twelve years ago in his work as a technician, a moniker coined by his students. The site itself was created by Julia, a London-based studio that is made... CONTINUE READING

The New Creative Cloud Membership: Is it Really Worth it? (Poll Question)

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jun 5th 2012
The New Creative Cloud Membership: Is it Really Worth it? (Poll Question)

Adobe is one of the leading companies among design and animation software and tools, and it is rare to find a designer who does not rely on one or more of the Adobe tools in their workflow. After releasing the Adobe Creative Suite, the company started to build a solid integration between applications that help designers work fluently and smoothly with their different products and to transfer projects from one application to another much easier than before. Actually, there... CONTINUE READING

The Apollo Theater’s Spring Gala is Urban Glamour

By: Matt Cannon on Jun 4th 2012
The Apollo Theater’s Spring Gala is Urban Glamour

The world famous Apollo Theater’s Spring Gala is today June 4th. Michael Bierut and Joe Marianek of Pentagram have been working with the Apollo on the brand identity for the campaign. Lionel Richie is the main inspiration for the Gala graphics, which weave lines from his signature hits “Say You, Say Me” and “All Night Long” into the language for the event: “Say You, Say Me, Say Apollo, Say Lionel, All Night Long.” It also includes lyrics from Etta... CONTINUE READING

Politics and Design Inseparable in “The Life of Julia”?

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jun 4th 2012
Politics and Design Inseparable in “The Life of Julia”?

Earlier this month “The Life of Julia,” an interactive slideshow designed to contrast the Obama campaign’s policies with Republican presidential hopeful, Mitt Romney’s managed to cause a bit of a stir, generating over 2,900 tweets on Twitter, 51,000 “Likes” on Facebook (as of this writing) and filling the blogosphere and online news channels with an assortment of rebukes, responses and parodies. Politically speaking, perhaps not much remains to be explored. But what about from a graphic design standpoint? Embedded... CONTINUE READING

The Nike (Logo) Project

By: Jo Gifford on Jun 3rd 2012
The Nike (Logo) Project

Nike, arguably the most successful name in global sportswear, has launched an exhibition chronicling the past 30 years or so, entitled the ‘Nike Logo Project’. Showcasing the brand’s numerous, evolving, logos, the Sole Movement team introduce this, an exhibit that allows you to delve into the archive of a complete design history. Having operated under several different logos from the past to present day, the chance to observe these genres means you can get a feel for the classics... CONTINUE READING

I really do ♥ NY logo

By: David Langton on Jun 3rd 2012
I really do ♥ NY logo

What is this logo called love? Can too much love be a problem? Apparently for the State of New York it is. And it is the concept of love that is on the line. The rationale for changing New York’s iconic tourism campaign was put forth by Governor Andrew Cuomo as, “Other states have been more aggressive in attracting tourism than New York. We were the best and we were the first, but somewhere along the way we lost... CONTINUE READING

Excited About Graphic Design Again!

By: David Bricker on May 31st 2012
Excited About Graphic Design Again!

As a student of the history of graphic design, I’ve observed that technology—everything from the first reed stylus to Gutenberg’s moveable type—has always been a primary driver of change. When production moved to the desktop, technology took the lead and design got left behind. Thanks to new tools for designers, that’s changing. I’m excited about graphic design again. A work floor full of typesetters showed up at the New York Tribune in 1886, only to be thanked for their... CONTINUE READING

Nokia Releases Font to Work in Any Language

By: Jo Gifford on May 30th 2012
Nokia Releases Font to Work in Any Language

London based typographic designer Dalton Maag has set up an exciting new font for Nokia that works globally and across any language. ‘Nokia Pure’ is part of the rebranding process of the Finnish company that amassed more than $48 billion in revenue in 2011. Despite this, due to the vast competition in what has become the world of the smartphone, Nokia’s market shares have in fact diminished. Therefore, this unique selling point is seen as the breakthrough needed to... CONTINUE READING

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