Interactive Things Have Published a Set of the Best Tools for Data Visualization

By: Jo Gifford on May 25th 2012
Interactive Things Have Published a Set of the Best Tools for Data Visualization

Interactive Things have published a set of the best tools for data visualization, on their site, Data Visualization. is published, built and maintained by Interactive Things, a design and technology studio located in Zürich, Switzerland. Interactive Things provide User Experience, Interaction Design and Data Visualization services for a range of clients including work for educational institutes, NGOs, personal finance services, tele­communi­cation companies and international banks. Author of the collected resource post, Benjamin Wiederkehr is UX & Production Lead... CONTINUE READING

Designing for the iPad Using InDesign CS5 and CS5.5

By: Christine Medley on May 24th 2012
Designing for the iPad Using InDesign CS5 and CS5.5

Designing publications for the iPad isn’t much different than for print— knowing the basics of InDesign for page layout allows you to jump right into interactive tablet design by using the Folio Producer Tools. You can publish engaging brochures, magazines, portfolios and books using the Overlay Creator, Folio Builder and Adobe Content Viewer. Overlay Creator allows you to add iPad interactivity such as slide shows, links, pinching and zooming, movies and sound. Folio Builder uploads your pages to the... CONTINUE READING

Secrets of Psychedelic Text

By: David Bricker on May 24th 2012
Secrets of Psychedelic Text

“Psychedelic text” made famous by artists like Wes Wilson during the 1960′s was actually inspired by Alfred Roller’s work with the Vienna Secession movement in the early 1900s, but the analog techniques used to “liquify” the type in those famous Fillmore posters are often poorly imitated. This video tutorial offers a counter-intuitive but useful approach to warping text where Adobe Flash is used for drawing and type manipulation. Though Flash is most often thought of as a tool used... CONTINUE READING

Designer Develops Alternative Olympics Identity in Defense of Restrictions

By: Jo Gifford on May 23rd 2012
Designer Develops Alternative Olympics Identity in Defense of Restrictions

UK designer Roy McCarthy has developed an alternative Olympics brand, intended for people to celebrate the Games in their own environment. McCarthy was inspired by an interview on the BBC’s Andrew Marr show last weekend in the UK, during which Lord Coe was questioned about legislation around the use of the London 2012 branding. Coe’s remarks were later quoted by Owen Gibson in The Guardian, saying that the legislation was essential “in protecting the sponsors who come to the... CONTINUE READING

How to Keep Your Creativity Up and Running

By: Rafiq Elmansy on May 22nd 2012
How to Keep Your Creativity Up and Running

It has been years since I started my career as a graphic designer, and I can still remember the passion and enthusiasm to get my first design task. Many designers get the same feeling when they finish their studies or design school and start their career. As time passes, you experience the ups and downs of your career; you sometimes meet annoying clients, have to work under stress and might encounter problems that could even spoil your great ideas.... CONTINUE READING

The Remedy for the Sad State of Design, 2012 (Poll Results)

By: Neil Tortorella on May 22nd 2012
The Remedy for the Sad State of Design, 2012 (Poll Results)

My article, The Sad State of Design, 2012, garnered some excellent comments from readers and the poll showed an overwhelming number who agreed that the design industry is in something of a sad state (Results: 93%, yes 7%, no). So, does that mean that graphic design is going to the dogs and there’s no hope? Hardly. All it needs is a slight change in the way we approach things. Fellow Advisory Board member, Dave Bricker, summed it up pretty... CONTINUE READING

Crowdsourced Design: Commoditization or Democratization? (Poll Question)

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on May 21st 2012
Crowdsourced Design: Commoditization or Democratization? (Poll Question)

While some of the initial uproar may have died down, the topic of crowdsourced design continues to be a lightning rod issue for the industry. Recently, one of the largest design crowdsourcing sites, 99designs held a contest for their own homepage redesign, presenting an opportunity to revisit the controversial topic. I spoke with Patrick Llewellyn, CEO, 99designs and Debbie Millman, President of the design division at Sterling Brands and President Emeritus of AIGA, the largest professional association for design,... CONTINUE READING

TV Land Introduces a Brand New Old

By: Matt Cannon on May 18th 2012
TV Land Introduces a Brand New Old

Recently we covered the story of TV Land Introducing a New On-Air Package for their fairly new logo. Surprisingly, months later, they are back with a new logo and on-air identity. As of Wednesday, May 9, viewers started to see a fresh mark with a nod to the channel’s roots, a change that reflects the evolution of the network itself. No longer a channel made up of shows strictly from yesteryear, TV Land is now finding success using a... CONTINUE READING

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