Visual Editions: Kapow!

By: Jo Gifford on May 12th 2012
Visual Editions: Kapow!

Publisher Visual Editions released their fourth book, Kapow! A new book by British writer Adam Thirlwell, Kapow! has been published by London based experimental publishers Visual Editions. “As visually acrobatic and giddy as the story it tells”, Kapow! is “exploding with unfolding pages and multiple directions” – the story is narrated through creative typography and experimental page layout that demands the reader to engage, to scan the pages and text in a new, challenging way that reflects the story,... CONTINUE READING

Shutterstock Finds a New View

By: Matt Cannon on May 11th 2012
Shutterstock Finds a New View

Shutterstock is almost 9 years old now and has a history of effective rebrand, starting in 2003. In my opinion 2011 was their weakest effort. I am a big fan of the new 2012 identity. Using a play off of people motioning their hands like a photo frame, the “viewfinder” is born. The color scheme is a new red and grey pantone. Presented in a clean, all lowercase typography in red and grey, while the “o” (viewfinder icon) remains... CONTINUE READING

Print to Web: Ink to Click The Natural Progression in Newspaper Design

By: Farzana Razak on May 10th 2012
Print to Web: Ink to Click The Natural Progression in Newspaper Design

When was the last time you saw a Millennial, a person aged 18-24, sipping coffee at a café and reading a real, tangible newspaper? According to a recent Pew State of the News media study, 23% of people aged 18-24 read print newspaper. The New York Times reports that 10% of its print subscribers are within the similar age range, almost at par with its cohorts of the digital subscribers. The data compiled by GfK MRI Doublebase shows that... CONTINUE READING

DIY Site Launched by Zach Klein

By: Jo Gifford on May 10th 2012
DIY Site Launched by Zach Klein

DIY is the latest project by internet entrepreneur Zach Klein. DIY is an innovative venture designed to enable children to showcase their creative work and publish it online in a safe and monitored environment. Says DIY, “We’ve all seen how kids can be like little MacGyvers. They’re able to take anything apart, recycle what you’ve thrown away – or if they’re Caine, build their own cardboard arcade. This is play, but it’s also creativity and it’s a valuable skill.... CONTINUE READING

GE’s Throttle Up Pushes Creative Pedal to the Metal

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on May 9th 2012
GE’s Throttle Up Pushes Creative Pedal to the Metal

As promised in my article earlier this week, I’m back with a first hand account of GE’s indescribably awesome interactive experience Throttle Up. Having visited the site and viewed the video clips I thought I had a firm idea of what to expect. Well, may I say expectations were vastly exceeded? Excitement started to build as soon as I overheard a Throttle Up guide explain to the group ahead of me on line that they could opt to be... CONTINUE READING

Inspire Users with User Experience Design Principles

By: Matt Cannon on May 9th 2012
Inspire Users with User Experience Design Principles

A successful User Experience Design (or UX design) should not only provide solid functionality, but also have a seamless experience for your user. The best UX designs are the ones that feel invisible, or stand to the side. In other words, they let the user roam around freely without having to force thought or questions. It should reflect how the users think, remain simple and focused, and be revised and refined before production. “Simple is hard. Easy is harder.... CONTINUE READING

Literature and the Moving Image: Marjane Satrapi and Françoise Mouly in Conversation at MOMA

By: Becky Munich on May 9th 2012
Literature and the Moving Image: Marjane Satrapi and Françoise Mouly in Conversation at MOMA

Last Thursday night, I was lucky enough to get a ticket to the Museum of Modern Art’s sold-out screening of Marjane Satrapi’s latest film Chicken with Plums. Eagerly waiting on line at the theater entrance, I was somewhat surprised by the diversity of fans around me! People of all ages and nationalities were at hand to support and celebrate Satrapi’s work in both literature and film. As a long time fan of the graphic novel genre, it was a... CONTINUE READING

Lightening Dark Images with Photoshop

By: James George on May 9th 2012
Lightening Dark Images with Photoshop

Contrast is very important in Photography, which means that you should have a decent range between your highlights and shadows. When your images are too light or too dark, you lose important image information in the highlights and shadows of your image, ruining the overall appeal of the photograph. There are adjustments in Photoshop that can save your images. Which one you use depends on the situation and the photo. With each of these methods, I am going to... CONTINUE READING

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