Graphic Design Principles in Web Design: Part 2

By: Matt Cannon on May 2nd 2012
Graphic Design Principles in Web Design: Part 2

Check out Part 1 first covering Contrast and Repetition if you missed it. It’s good to remind ourselves as Graphic Designers that when designing for web, there is a good measure of heritage spawning from other forms of art. Art forms such as Typography, Lithography, Illustration, Industrial Design, Textures, Painting, etc. All of these forms of fine art have provided us with collective guidance to embracing our own artistic undertakings today. When discussing different Graphic Design Principles in regards... CONTINUE READING

Working with Grid Systems

By: Matt Cannon on May 1st 2012
Working with Grid Systems

Many modern website designs are based on a grid. Grids can give the designer an automatic sense of structure and usability when planning the site. This can simplify the design process and make the content feel more user friendly. The grid system is a step up from a template because the design aspect is still up to you; the guides are already in place, reducing your options as a designer. This basically leaves you with width and height to... CONTINUE READING

ArtBridge: Emerging Artists Transforming the Urban Landscape

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Apr 27th 2012
ArtBridge: Emerging Artists Transforming the Urban Landscape

Listening to Rodney Durso describe how ArtBridge began, it became clear this was a passion project. Started in 2008, ArtBridge is a nonprofit organization with a mission to “enhance the urban experience by transforming overhead construction scaffolding into temporary art installations.” Additionally, ArtBridge provides a showcase for local emerging artists, as well as being an incubator and launch point for their burgeoning careers. On Friday, May 4th the organization will hold it’s first ever ArtBridge Annual Spring Art Auction... CONTINUE READING

Typoholic – A Book

By: Jo Gifford on Apr 27th 2012
Typoholic - A Book

Victionary have published Typoholic, a collection of type projects and a celebration of type in book format. The book features a diverse collection of type projects, including illustrated type, sculptural type as well as inflatable and photographically created letterforms and alphabets. The collection depicts typography from a wide range of design outcomes such as record sleeves, marketing and advertising collateral, graphic identities, as well as art projects. Typoholic is a 288 page volume with a soft cover, and actually... CONTINUE READING

Image File Formats De-Mystified

By: Nat Coalson on Apr 27th 2012
Image File Formats De-Mystified

In a recent article here on, Understanding File Formats in Photoshop author James George explained some of the most common file formats used for graphic design in Photoshop. For photographic imaging, some different file formats are best used for specific purposes. Following are the most common formats along with basic descriptions of their use. Camera Raw A raw capture records all the image data from a camera’s sensor with only a very minimal amount of processing in the... CONTINUE READING

3D Tracking In After Effects Video Tutorial

By: David Hong on Apr 27th 2012
3D Tracking In After Effects Video Tutorial

In this tutorial, David Hong of Pneuma Design ( provides a comprehensive overview of 3D tracking in After Effects using The Foundry’s new CameraTracker plug-in. Matchmoving has always required the After Effects artist to solve shots in an external application and import the solution into After Effects. This new tool eliminates the need for this extra step by providing powerful matchmove capabilities within the familiar AE interface. Follow along and take your compositing skills to the next level. if... CONTINUE READING

Advice and Inspiration for Job Seekers at NY Creative Interns “Find and Follow Your Passion”

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Apr 26th 2012
Advice and Inspiration for Job Seekers at NY Creative Interns “Find and Follow Your Passion”

Wondering what would motivate students to sit inside SVA’s Fine Arts Department on a balmy 71° degree Saturday in New York City? Simple, an opportunity to network and learn from speakers at companies like BBDO, Behance, Google, FourSquare, LinkedIn, NBC Universal, Skillshare and Tumblr at NY Creative Interns’ “Find and Follow Your Passion” conference. The brainchild of former Hofstra students Emily Miethner and Reb Carlson, now run by Miethner and Community Manager Marny Smith, NY Creative Interns mission is... CONTINUE READING

Graphic Design Principles in Web Design

By: Matt Cannon on Apr 25th 2012
Graphic Design Principles in Web Design

In honor of the new redesign of, which we hope you are enjoying, I wanted to start discussing important principles of Graphic Design applied to web design. Visual literacy is the ability to interpret, negotiate, and make meaning from information presented in the form of an image. Designers develop a creative tool belt of basic shortcuts and methods by studying other great design methods. The first step to becoming a great graphic designer for the web is the... CONTINUE READING

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