Munich Airport’s New Logo Is Ready for Takeoff

By: Matt Cannon on May 28th 2014
Munich Airport’s New Logo Is Ready for Takeoff

In order to succeed in the highly competitive German, European, and global travel market, it was necessary to strengthen and define the brand architecture, refresh its visual and verbal identity, and identify a forward-looking strategy to differentiate and clarify the brand. Munich Airport recently released a new brand identity, which includes a new logo, claim, exclusive in-house font, freshened-up corporate colors, an elevated and consistent tone of voice, and visually striking imagery, which uses pairs of pictures to play... CONTINUE READING

Coca- Cola unveil their 2014 World Cup visual identity by Brazilian street artist Speto and a Leeds Design Studio

By: Julia Wild on May 27th 2014
Coca- Cola unveil their 2014 World Cup visual identity by Brazilian street artist Speto and a Leeds Design Studio

It was the collaboration of Brazilian street artist Speto with a Leeds based Design Studio that made this design identity happen. Creative Review have a fantastic interview with Coca-Cola’s global design head James Sommerville. Sommerville covers everything from how the project came about to some great explanations on the process of the designs. He explains to Creative Review: “Early on in the project, after a few days of sketching, we were not making significant progress on the logo until... CONTINUE READING

Creating the Perfect Logo with LogoMotives’ Jeff Fisher

By: Julia Wild on May 21st 2014
Creating the Perfect Logo with LogoMotives' Jeff Fisher

GraphicDesign: Thanks for joining us. Talk about the process of developing a logo. Where do you start and what goes into it? Jeff Fisher: It’s about distilling the essence of any organization or event down to the simplest graphic symbol you can create. You need to display as much information as you can in a simple design that’s very recognizable and memorable. The most important information I get from a client always seems to be what they don’t like... CONTINUE READING

Mind-Blowing Pencil Sketches

By: Julia Wild on May 19th 2014
Mind-Blowing Pencil Sketches

1. Ramon Bruin Ramon Bruin invented his own art style which he calls ‘Optical Illusionism’. He explains on his website “Optical Illusionism is a combination of drawing and photography. He creates drawings that come to life when photographed from the exact right angle”. Below are some examples of his work but you can see much more on DeniantArt and Instagram. 2. Vimal Chandran Chandran is a visual artist and illustrator. His illustrations are outstanding and on his website you... CONTINUE READING

Every Week Two Students Anonymously Create Beautiful Chalkboard Quotes

By: Julia Wild on May 16th 2014
Every Week Two Students Anonymously Create Beautiful Chalkboard Quotes

I tried to look into who these designers are but it seems that very few people know: “They’ve been popping up on campus all semester: intricately worked chalkboard messages with one signature, #dangerdust. The article on their college website continues to explain “I recently sat down with the artistic duo and, while I can’t name names, I did get a sense of who these artists are and what drives them. They wish to remain unnamed (although they admit most... CONTINUE READING

Powerful Stories Through Photography

By: Julia Wild on May 13th 2014
Powerful Stories Through Photography

1. James Mollison, 1973, was born in Kenya but grew up in England. His latest book “Where Children Sleep” was published in 2010 and it tells the story of diverse children from around the world through portraits and photos of their bedrooms. Mollison explains on his website: “When Fabrica asked me to come up with an idea for engaging with children’s rights, I found myself thinking about my bedroom: how significant it was during my childhood, and how it... CONTINUE READING

How to “Make Your Own Luck” with Kate Moross

By: Julia Wild on May 12th 2014
How to "Make Your Own Luck" with Kate Moross

GraphicDesign caught up with Moross to talk about her book, her background, her showcase, and her work with Fortune 500 companies. GraphicDesign: Why did you decide to write “Make Your Own Luck”? Kate Moross: I’ve been working on the actual copy for about six years, so some of the text in the book I wrote years ago and some is more recent. When I was talking to the publisher when I started writing, we discussed turning it into more... CONTINUE READING

Cartoon Artists To Follow This Week

By: Julia Wild on May 9th 2014
Cartoon Artists To Follow This Week

Some of these cartoon artists you may never have heard of before but are well worth taking a look at or following on sites such as Twitter, Behance or Tumblr. Enjoy the work and if there any cartoon artists that you feel need adding to the list this week please comment below. In no particular order first up is “chilango” who has had a passion for drawing and tracing comic books since a very young age. He explains on... CONTINUE READING

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