Do You Make These Logo Design Mistakes?

By: Neil Tortorella on Apr 14th 2014
Do You Make These Logo Design Mistakes?

These less-than logosmiths tend to make the same mistakes over and over. At least they’re consistent. When it comes to art and science of logo design, there are cardinal rules that should be followed if a design is to be successful. Let’s have a look at a few of these all too common faux pas, blunders, solecisms and erroneous outcomes. Mistake #1: Giving the client too much authority I can hear it now. “Giving the client too much authority?... CONTINUE READING

Graffiti. Graffiti Art. Street Art: 15 Stunning Graffiti Artworks

By: Julia Wild on Apr 11th 2014
Graffiti. Graffiti Art. Street Art: 15 Stunning Graffiti Artworks

It is hardly surprising that many people think there is a big difference difference between graffiti and tagging. Some are of the opinion that people who do tags and call themselves graffiti artists should be ashamed of themselves and that graffiti IS street art. It seems there is a common misconception between the definition of graffiti and street art. At the end of the day how did “graffiti art” or “street art” all start? How did some of today’s... CONTINUE READING

Today’s Awesome Creative Finds To Enjoy

By: Julia Wild on Apr 8th 2014
Today's Awesome Creative Finds To Enjoy

First up we have Gabriel Picolo’s doodle project. Every day for the 365 days he will draw a doodle. It is an attempt to stop procrastinating and so everyday in his notebook he will sketch in black ink a drawing. Each doodle will be inspired by anime and you can follow his doodles by going to his page on DeviantArt. What a way to keep the inspiration flowing! Enjoy the below few examples of his doodles. You many want... CONTINUE READING

Kory Grushka Interview: Talking Branding and Package Design

By: Matt Cannon on Apr 7th 2014
Kory Grushka Interview: Talking Branding and Package Design

Grushka had this to say about his passion for packaging design: “I have always been obsessed with branding and design, and I’ve always been drawn to the food and beverage space. Even as a lawyer, I would occasionally take on freelance work for large and small restaurants and non-profits. Was just the perfect fit for me at the end of the day.” The Creative Process When creating a new package or brand identity, a solid plan of action is... CONTINUE READING

Work of UK’s Creative Students in First Edition of “This And That Collective’s The Magazine”

By: Julia Wild on Apr 7th 2014
Work of UK's Creative Students in First Edition of "This And That Collective's The Magazine"

Showcasing the work of university students from all over the UK aims to shine light on up and coming artists and the first edition of the magazine is fulled with over 100 pieces of student work from all different areas such as fashion, graphic design, illustration, furniture and typography. The great thing is that there are no rules or guidelines – all students can submit a project of their choice. Harriet went on to explain: “Submitting your work is... CONTINUE READING

Top Graphic Design Projects on Behance this week.

By: Julia Wild on Apr 4th 2014
Top Graphic Design Projects on Behance this week.

To end the week we thought readers would enjoy some of the top projects found on this week. These projects have been created by different designers from around the world and as many of you know behance’s platform is a place where many designers showcase their work and go to to discover creative work. Below are a few of most appreciated projects this week. For those of you who are not familiar with Behance, appreciations are a... CONTINUE READING

10 Poster Designs For Your Inspiration

By: Julia Wild on Apr 2nd 2014
10 Poster Designs For Your Inspiration

Below are some amazing poster designs (in no particular order) by some extremely talented designers from all around the world. The links under each poster will take you to the designer’s website where you can see even more examples for your inspiration. We want you to tell us which is your favorite and why. Or if you feel there is a particular poster of your own that you find inspiring then feel free to share with us. 1. SXSW... CONTINUE READING

Build Your Next App on Watson – IBM Announces Watson Mobile Developer Challenge

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Mar 31st 2014
Build Your Next App on Watson - IBM Announces Watson Mobile Developer Challenge

The three-month, global competition is designed with the goal of encouraging developers to create consumer and business mobile apps using Watson’s powerful “cognitive technology” which allows for more human-like processing of information. Readers may recall Watson’s capabilities on display when it beat Jeopardy! champion Ken Jennings two years ago. As Mike Rhodin, Senior Vice President, IBM Watson Group, stated in a press release: “The power of Watson in the palm of your hand is a game-changing proposition, so we’re... CONTINUE READING

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