Top 10 Notable Rebrands of 2011 (Part Two)

By: Matt Cannon on Jan 16th 2012
Top 10 Notable Rebrands of 2011 (Part Two)

Here are more of the Top 10 notable rebrands in 2011 (In No Particular Order)… Click Here to see Part One Petco Petco may have fell a bit short with this redesign using a sans serif font and updating their tagline making it longer adding the word “healthy”. At first glance the cat and dog icon seem to be the same, but you’ll notice that they have been modernized a bit and re-colored. The tagline looks to suffer a... CONTINUE READING

Target and Wieden + Kennedy Split

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jan 13th 2012
Target and Wieden + Kennedy Split

It was amid great surprise that reported giant retailer Target’s split with lead agency Wieden + Kennedy this week. Clients changing or terminating agency relationships is by no means unusual, especially in the face of ever increasing pressure to justify ad spending. But, what is unusual is for it to be done when all outward indications point to a highly successful partnership. In fact, Target named Wieden + Kennedy it’s lead agency in 2009 without a review. A... CONTINUE READING

“Must See” Design Exhibits

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jan 13th 2012
“Must See” Design Exhibits

The cold weather has finally arrived, officially making it winter here in New York City. If you’re looking for something to do indoors this month consider some of these engaging exhibitions on view now. MoMA’s “Standard Deviations: Types and Families in Contemporary Design” explores the ways in which designers inject “unique identity into objects produced on an industrial scale.” whether as a counterpoint to the homogeneity of mass production or an assertion of individuality in a post industrial era,... CONTINUE READING

Town and Country Undergoes Redesign with Edward Leida

By: Jo Gifford on Jan 12th 2012
Town and Country Undergoes Redesign with Edward Leida

Town and Country Magazine, owned by magazine publishers Hearst, has undergone a redesign led by new editor in-chief Jay Fielden and the recently appointed Design Director Edward Leida. Tasked with the goal of modernizing and expanding Town and Country and its mission, the new design features a logo with visual references to the 1930’s version, with uppercase sans serif and an individual ampersand. Town and Country has been “America’s magazine for the affluent” since inception in the 1840’s (via... CONTINUE READING

Top 10 Notable Rebrands of 2011 (Part One)

By: Matt Cannon on Jan 11th 2012
Top 10 Notable Rebrands of 2011 (Part One)

Rebranding is always an exciting and remarkable topic in Graphic Design. Some marketing efforts are successful and some miss the mark with consumers. Here is the Top 10 notable in 2011 (In No Particular Order)… Google Chrome refreshed the Chrome icon to better represent an easy and clutter free experience, moving away from the glossy look and into a more modern polished gradient feel. Google admitted in their blog that they were very inspired by Googlers and Chrome fans,... CONTINUE READING

Off Book: Typography Video by PBS Arts

By: Jo Gifford on Jan 10th 2012
Off Book: Typography Video by PBS Arts

Online arts resource PBS Arts has produced a short 7 minute video about typography. Featuring several emminent typeface designers and graphic designers, the short is an information rich introduction to the uses and effect of typography, looking at fonts, infographics and culture in its brief overview. “Type is everywhere. Every print publication, website, movie, advertisement and public message involves the creation or selection of a fitting typeface. Online, a rich and artistic typographical culture exists, where typefaces are created... CONTINUE READING

Sustainability and Design

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jan 9th 2012
Sustainability and Design

In the last five or six years sustainability has arguably received more social, political and media attention than ever before, and while for certain industries the steps toward improved sustainability may be obvious, for graphic designers they can be somewhat elusive. Which is why I was so pleased to come across this interview in the Atlantic with Advertising Design Director, Paulina Reyes. Formerly of Kate Spade New York, and now at advertising agency Mother, Reyes is one of several... CONTINUE READING

Turner Duckworth Evolves Diet Coke Identity for Limited Campaign

By: Jo Gifford on Jan 6th 2012
Turner Duckworth Evolves Diet Coke Identity for Limited Campaign

Diet Coke is currently being sold in limited edition cans for Autumn and Winter in the US in celebration of the Coca-Cola’s 125th anniversary. First appearing on our shelves in 1982, producers The Coca-Cola Company say Diet Coke is currently the No. 3 soft drink in the world (via brand new). The work forms part of the iconic “Stay Extraordinary” campaign for Diet Coke, and the brand evolution showcases a contemporary new look for fall both on the Diet... CONTINUE READING

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