Finding a Graphic Design Job

By: Michael Jackness on Nov 10th 2011
Finding a Graphic Design Job is proud to relaunch our site with improved design and functionality. This will be an ongoing process so feel to give your feedback on how we can improve it further. One of the goals of the site is to be a resource for those who work in graphic design and for those who want to get into the graphic design industry. Some of’s improvements include: 1. We have added a growing graphic design firm directory that allows... CONTINUE READING

Sources of Inspiration

By: Michael Jackness on Nov 8th 2011
Sources of Inspiration

As a graphic designer, one of your major challenges that you face on a daily basis is finding creative inspiration. Whether it be for your own project or that of a valued client, continually coming up with original designs and perspectives is a challenge. You may achieve inspirations for several days or weeks running and then it disappears. You feel like you’ve used up all your good ideas and the well feels empty. It is in those times that... CONTINUE READING

Marketing Your Infographic

By: Michael Jackness on Nov 6th 2011
Marketing Your Infographic

Once you create a compelling infographic, your main goals are to have it seen and to attract backlinks. You want to have your hard work seen by a wide audience of people who will value the presentation and help you spread the word to their networks. The methods for promoting your infographic are not unlike what you might use to promote other web-worthy work of yours, so the advice here carries over to the promotional and networking process in... CONTINUE READING

Why Invest in Infographics?

By: Michael Jackness on Nov 5th 2011
Why Invest in Infographics?

No area of graphic design and web informational marketing is hotter than infographics. The source of this new boom can be laid on the doorsteps of Google’s February 2011 declaration that original content would be prioritized. Infographics grabbed hold of the public consciousness as a new way to spin established data in a stylish and original manner and be richly rewarded by Google’s search ranking spiders. Infographics simply put to imagery what plain text and graphs did before. They... CONTINUE READING

New Graphic Design Book – Saul Bass; A Life in Film & Design

By: Michael Jackness on Nov 3rd 2011
New Graphic Design Book - Saul Bass; A Life in Film & Design

On November 9th, a highly anticipated book is being published; Saul Bass; A Life in Film & Design. Bass was considered one of the greatest American designers of the 20th century and influenced the identity of many classic films with his graphic title contributions. Saul Bass lived from 1920 to 1996. During his remarkable lifetime he created many high visible compelling images in the pop and commercial worlds. Saul Bass; A Life in Film & Design is the first... CONTINUE READING

Graphic Design Pre-empts Illustration

By: Michael Jackness on Nov 2nd 2011
Graphic Design Pre-empts Illustration

Reading a graphic designers blog recently, he noted that the art of illustrating isn’t part of the Design Observer’s graphic design “categories.” Typography, photography, and art are listed, but not illustration. He opines “Is this omission a simple oversight, or does it tell us something significant about the current state of illustration?” Fallen Art The reference seems to be that the illustration profession has fallen in the eyes of the art world. Noted art director specializing in graphic design,... CONTINUE READING

Graphic Designers and London Design Festival

By: Michael Jackness on Nov 1st 2011
Graphic Designers and London Design Festival

The ninth annual London Design Festival (LDF) has just concluded. At the popular design festival only seven of the 250 event/exhibits featured graphic designs. That is less than three per cent focusing on the graphics area of art and design world. Why is that? The LDF festival features high quality talks, exhibitions, product demonstrations and launches from the art world. It is supported by the V&A , Arts Council England and its main sponsor Mayor of London who embrace... CONTINUE READING

The Customer/Professional Balance Challenge

By: Michael Jackness on Nov 1st 2011
The Customer/Professional Balance Challenge

One of the major challenges for any graphic designer is balancing the notion of “the customer is always right” with providing a fair and reasonable quality service/product that represents you well. For instance, if they hire you for a standard movie poster, but demand a billboard of epic proportions, that isn’t reasonable. But what if they ask you to violate your design sensibilities, what then? The Dilemma Without a doubt, it can’t be argued that a good graphic designer... CONTINUE READING

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