Walker Graphic Design Exhibit

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 27th 2011
Walker Graphic Design Exhibit

No other art form has grown and developed as far over the last decade than graphic design. The rapid innovations and improvement in computing and the Internet are constantly accelerating the capabilities of graphic design, making them more and more accessible to almost anyone.The democratization of graphic design can be seen in the overall high quality of even purely amateur work. Those with experience and skills soar to new heights with the software available to them. Lead Exhibit One... CONTINUE READING

Graphic Designers Go To The Olympics

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 26th 2011
Graphic Designers Go To The Olympics

Ever wanted to travel the world? Ever wanted to go to the Olympics? Read the story of a great opportunity for 100 creative types to experience both. Creative Ambassadors BT Group plc, the London based organizers of the upcoming 2012 Olympic and Paralympic Games around London have been calling on designers, artists and writers who would be interested in creating imagery, stories, films etc. to tell the stories they encounter from the 2012 Games. Selected designers and artists will... CONTINUE READING

Five Steps of the Creative Process

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 26th 2011
Five Steps of the Creative Process

For anyone involved in the creative arts, the process of creation can often be a challenging one. There are times when it flows, but many times when it doesn’t. It can arrive at the least suspecting moment, but not necessarily when you are on deadline. Those elusive moments when creativity flows are like ecstasy as you see things with a clarity and imagination that escapes you in your everyday world. Your aim is to apply our talent, vision, and... CONTINUE READING

David Mack’s graphic novel “Kabuki: The Alchemy” Featured at NKU

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 26th 2011
David Mack's graphic novel "Kabuki: The Alchemy" Featured at NKU

Each fall, freshmen college students at Northern Kentucky University are assigned a reading list. That expectation has been in place since 2000. This year their reading list has one special addition. One of the former NKU students went on to become an author and has had his graphic novel chosen to be on the select recommended reading list. First Time It is the first time that the students are reading a graphic novel as part of their requirements. Around... CONTINUE READING

Rudolf Steiner: 150th Anniversary Retrospective “Alchemy of Everyday”

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 25th 2011
Rudolf Steiner: 150th Anniversary Retrospective "Alchemy of Everyday"

Understanding the very beginnings and influences of the creation of graphic design is helpful to any serious graphic design student. One of the first influential figures to lend his thoughts and weight on art, architecture and European culture was Rudolf Steiner. Birth and Education Born in 1861 in a small village in Austria, Rudolf Steiner became one of the most influential and controversial thinkers and activists until his death in Dornach, Switzerland in 1925. Formal education at university consisted... CONTINUE READING

A History of Graphic Design For Rainy Days

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 24th 2011
A History of Graphic Design For Rainy Days

The graphic design industry is expansive and voluminous in its history. It is a loosely categorized creative process that undertakes to convey a specific message to a targeted audience utilizing visual communication and presentation. Wrapping your arms around the history and breadth of the graphic design industry would be an intimidating proposal, that is until now. Studio 3, an Oslo based student-driven design agency has created A History of Graphic Design for Rainy Days which offers a comprehensive treatment... CONTINUE READING

7 Tips on how to Make a Good Infographic

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 22nd 2011
7 Tips on how to Make a Good Infographic

The concept of an information graphic, commonly referred to an infographic, is not a new one. The desire to share information in an easy to relate to medium is useful in every area of our lives. With the advent of the Internet, the infographic grew in popularity because of the visual simplicity they can bring in distilling and presenting key data. Information seeking consumers are drawn to the elaborate design and yet simple delivery and presentation of information in... CONTINUE READING

A New Spin On Making Portraits By Dru Ritger

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 21st 2011
A New Spin On Making Portraits By Dru Ritger

Creating portraits of people is an art form that goes back nearly as far back as the very notion of art. Countless artists have attempted to give their own approach to the portrait creation process. A modern day example of an artist infusing their individuality and creativity in the portrait design is Dru Ritger from Montvale, New Jersey. Ritger was surround by an art-loving family and started demonstrating his creative eye as early as age 3. His progression started... CONTINUE READING

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