Having an online portfolio is very important for designers. Whether a student or professional, showcasing your work demonstrates your expertise and talent. It is where a potential client or maybe your future employer will go to review and assess your work and compare it to other designers.  The first decision to make is where you want to have your online portfolio and you might find that having more than one portfolio will be an effective way to promote your work.

Christine Medley’s article What’s the Best Way to Build an Online Graphic Design Portfolio? is a good read and might help you, it has some great tips.

Below GraphicDesign.com lists (in no particular order) some of the options available for graphic designers to showcase their work. The reviews highlight the pros and cons of each option out there and we hope that this helps you choose the right place for your graphic design online portfolio.

Once you have chosen where you will have your online portfolio(s) you might want to read Dave Gorum’s article Porfolio Best Practices which has some great tips on how to construct a kickass portfolio!