Top 5 Web and Graphic Design Trends of 2013

By: Matt Cannon on Feb 24th 2014
Top 5 Web and Graphic Design Trends of 2013

Observing web and graphic design trends can give us a better idea of where the design world is headed, at least for the short term. Here are our top 5 web and graphic design trends of 2013. Creative Bloq had this to say about the long awaited trend: “In truth this is a trend that has been long in the making, and Apple themselves were late to the party, but we can safely call flat design one of 2013’s... CONTINUE READING

Top 5 Logo Design Trends of 2013

By: Matt Cannon on Feb 7th 2014
Top 5 Logo Design Trends of 2013

More than 20,000 logos submitted by designers from more than 100 countries worldwide were compiled by LogoLounge to observe some of the top logo design trends of 2013. Below, we have compiled our top 5 logo design trends of the year from this comprehensive list. Let us know if you have some other favorite trends you observed last year. Slash This clean visual substitute allows us to connect or build separation between different concepts or entities. The mark appears... CONTINUE READING

Top 5 Logo Design Trends of 2012

By: Matt Cannon on Jan 2nd 2013
Top 5 Logo Design Trends of 2012

32,000 new logos from around the world were studied to compile LogoLounge’s 2012 logo design trend report. The true benefit of studying logo designs and trends is that they consistently classify the path for the present and for the future. Once you see the direction these start to take, you start to understand their flow and rapidity and eventually you may get a glimpse of what’s to come. Here are our picks from that list for the top 5... CONTINUE READING

Three Graphic Design Trends For 2012

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jan 6th 2012
Three Graphic Design Trends For 2012

Although I’ve never been known for being ahead of the curve, with all the 2012 predictions going around I felt I’d be remiss not to share some of my own. So for better or worse, here are my top three trends to welcome in the first week of the new year. Enjoy! 1. ARTIST AS ENTREPRENEUR: Whether due to the much storied “broken” advertising agency model, poor economic outlook, lowered barriers to entry or a combination of factors, this... CONTINUE READING

Graphic Design Trends: InfoGraphics

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 19th 2011
Graphic Design Trends: InfoGraphics

The concept of an InfoGraphic is nothing new. It is a visual representation of often complicated and complex information that is presented in such a way that your brain immediately has an “ah ha!” moment when it processes the visual. This is because an effective InfoGraphic is fun and immediately engaging. So why are InfoGraphics noteworthy when talking about trends that graphic designers need to be aware of? Glad you asked. Effective InfoGraphics can easily become viral in your... CONTINUE READING

Graphic Design Salary Trends

By: Donna Farrugia on Apr 23rd 2012
Graphic Design Salary Trends

Money Matters Are you searching for a new design job or preparing to ask your boss for a raise? If so, it’s in your best interest to know current compensation trends within the creative field. One place to start your research is The Creative Group 2012 Salary Guide. It includes average starting salary ranges for more than 100 creative and marketing positions, which can be customized for more than 130 U.S. cities. The information is based on a range... CONTINUE READING

Graphic Design Hiring Trends and Positions in Demand: Insights from The Creative Group

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Mar 20th 2012
Graphic Design Hiring Trends and Positions in Demand: Insights from The Creative Group

If you’re looking for some good news to start your week then look no further! As a follow up to our article “Skills Designers Need Now” we asked Donna Farrugia, executive director of well known and highly regarded staffing agency The Creative Group to weigh in on graphic design hiring trends and positions in demand for 2012, as well as new portfolio and résumé standards. In addition to answering our questions, Donna, who manages operations for the firm’s locations... CONTINUE READING

A Brief History of Graphic Design

By: Neil Tortorella on Jul 28th 2014
A Brief History of Graphic Design

From the 30,000 year old prehistoric wall art in France’s Chauvet Cave, to the ad you just saw in a magazine or logo emblazed on a product, graphic design permeates our lives. It’s been a part of the human experience since that first primitive person discovered they could make marks on the walls in their cavernous home. A complete, detailed history of graphic design has filled numerous volumes and neither you, nor I, have that kind of time. So,... CONTINUE READING

Type On Screen: The design challenge of digital typography, A Book Review and Interview

By: Neil Tortorella on Jun 18th 2014
Type On Screen: The design challenge of digital typography, A Book Review and Interview

Those are the obvious choices. But, there are also subjective issues to consider when selecting a font or set of fonts. These include kerning and letter-spacing, line spacing or leading for those of us who remember a life before the Web. What about the font’s emotional value? How well does it align with the project’s goals and audience? Then there’s always the design’s delivery media to consider. Will it be print or digital? If digital, will it be desktop... CONTINUE READING

Jay York On Twitter Tweaks – What they mean to graphic designers

By: Neil Tortorella on Apr 30th 2014
Jay York On Twitter Tweaks – What they mean to graphic designers

The social media is one of those rapidly evolving environments where what’s hot today is passé tomorrow. We’ve all seen Facebook become a communication staple of modern society and also an ever morphing entity. Twitter isn’t far behind. In fact, the recent Twitter redesign incorporates several elements that are reminiscent of Facebook and Google+. A focus on visuals is apparent, including a large header image and stepping away from its strict vertical layout. I hooked up with Jay York... CONTINUE READING

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