Overview of Lynda.com’s Newly Released Tutorial: Rigging a Face in Flash Professional

By: Brandie Gautreaux on Oct 10th 2012
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Discover how to create full animation cartoons using Adobe Flash Professional. Animator and author Dermot O’Connor presents this online tutorial for experienced Flash designers with basic and advanced techniques to get the most out of your cartoon animations. Through the course, viewers will learn how to setup layers for the head features, build and create dialog shapes, generate expressions, get acclimated with clock rotations, learn the turnaround, and move frames. Create your best and most creative cartoon animations with... CONTINUE READING

Flash Banner Developer

By: Julia Wild on May 25th 2012
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Our agency client is seeking an experienced Flash Banner developer in their St.Louis office who has work to show of building successful flash banner campaigns under tight file size requirements. This is an on-site opportunity at a well-regarded agency. Knowledge of AfterEffects is a HUGE bonus, not mandatory. Point us to proper samples within your portfolio that show us why you are fit for this assignment. CONTINUE READING

Flash to HTML5 with Google Swiffy (Video Tutorial)

By: David Bricker on May 17th 2012
Flash to HTML5 with Google Swiffy (Video Tutorial)

When HTML5 was originally proposed as a replacement for Flash, I was skeptical but the capabilities of HTML5 have improved steadily. One exciting example of what can already be done to convert flash SWF files directly to HTML5 is found in a project called Google Swiffy. Swiffy only supports a subset of older ActionScript 2 code, but it does an impressive job rendering graphics, masks, animation, dynamic text and scripted behavior into a single HTML file that runs on... CONTINUE READING

Interactive Flash Developer

By: GD Staff on Apr 8th 2012
Interactive Flash Developer

This position is full time temporary role for a person who can think outside the box, and will be given the opportunity to provide input on what to innovate and how – and then execute that innovation. If you live to create cutting edge technology and thrive on working in a fast-paced environment surrounded by people like yourself then we should talk! Responsibilities • Develop modular interfaces and custom classes, clean code, using design patterns and OOP, to enable... CONTINUE READING

Breathing Life Into Your Design Projects With Visme

By: Neil Tortorella on Sep 22nd 2014
Breathing Life Into Your Design Projects With Visme

Easy. Have you ever looked at a picture of yourself taken several years ago? Odds are, you thought, “Oh geez. Look at my hair and clothes. What was I thinking?” When we look back at our Web work it’s a similar scenario. Animated gifs doing goofy things and other strangeness. Then, along came Flash. Whoa. Flash opened the doors to the additional dimensions of movement, time and sound. Motion designers, such as the late, great Hillman Curtis , showed... CONTINUE READING

Adobe Unveils 2014 Creative Cloud Release and Cloud–Enabled Mobile Tools

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jun 18th 2014
Adobe Unveils 2014 Creative Cloud Release and  Cloud–Enabled Mobile Tools

Additionally, collaborative and community aspects of Creative Cloud, such as integration with Behance have evolved into a more robust “persistent creative profile” that allows users to access and manage files, fonts, colors and community from anywhere, across devices. Citing results from The New Creatives Report (issued June 16), Scott Morris, Senior Marketing Director, Creative Cloud, explained how the new updates directly responded to “factors impacting the way creatives work today”—the rapid pace of change, the explosion of mobile and... CONTINUE READING

Five Extraordinary Artists and Their iPad Artworks

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Jun 4th 2014
Five Extraordinary Artists and Their iPad Artworks

Many hardware and software technologies have been released in the last century to help artists produce digital artwork using computers and stay on the cutting edge of the digital era in media and business. These solutions aimed to allow artists to produce artwork using digital tools similar to oil paintbrushes and drawing pencils. Yet most of these technologies struggled even when they were implemented on the professional level in studios and companies. While Wacom tablets were giving artists and... CONTINUE READING

20 Fresh Portfolio Designs to Spark Your Creativity

By: Rafiq Elmansy on May 28th 2014
20 Fresh Portfolio Designs to Spark Your Creativity

The portfolio is simply a medium that includes samples of previous artwork created for yourself or other clients. With the evolution of the digital era, the form of the portfolio has shifted from a traditional paper document to a more interactive website. So the question that arises here is how do you attract the client to your website? As a talented designer, that mission will be easy for you; all you need to do is create an attractive and... CONTINUE READING

The Info About Infographics (Part 2)

By: Neil Tortorella on Feb 28th 2014
The Info About Infographics (Part 2)

Part two will give you practical insights into the process, typical elements of an infographic, such as headlines, context and the all-important story, or narrative, your infographic tells. Plus, I’ll share some tools for creating infographics, use of color and typography and more. This two-part article is just the tip of the info-iceberg. A web search will yield many more resources, tutorials and articles about the topic. Add in a bit of playing around with a pencil, paper and... CONTINUE READING

New, Drool-Worthy Adobe Creative Cloud Features

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jan 21st 2014
New, Drool-Worthy Adobe Creative Cloud Features

After seeing a virtual demo of some of the top new features in Photoshop®, Illustrator® and InDesign® we’re happy to share the highlights of what Creative Cloud’s 1.4 million members have to look forward to. Photoshop CC 3D Printing: Arguably the most exciting of the new features that were announced was the introduction of 3D printing into Photoshop. Describing it as the “First time 3D printing is being delivered through a mainstream tool…” Andy Lauta, Product Manager, explained how... CONTINUE READING

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