Three Graphic Design Trends For 2012

By: Nicole Spiegel-Gotsch on Jan 6th 2012
Three Graphic Design Trends For 2012

Although I’ve never been known for being ahead of the curve, with all the 2012 predictions going around I felt I’d be remiss not to share some of my own. So for better or worse, here are my top three trends to welcome in the first week of the new year. Enjoy! 1. ARTIST AS ENTREPRENEUR: Whether due to the much storied “broken” advertising agency model, poor economic outlook, lowered barriers to entry or a combination of factors, this... CONTINUE READING

What Do Graphic Designers Do?

By: David Bricker on Jan 4th 2012
What Do Graphic Designers Do?

Flying first class from Miami to Philadelphia, I watch through the window as the Atlantic coast passes thirty thousand feet below me. I’ll pick up a rental car, check into a cozy little bed and breakfast, enjoy a gourmet meal at the inn and then climb the stairs to my room. Tomorrow, I meet with the vice-president of a three billion dollar pharmaceutical company and his team to talk about technology, marketing and the design of their 14 million... CONTINUE READING

Adobe Creative Suite CS5

By: Vicky Tomopoulou on Nov 25th 2011
Adobe Creative Suite CS5

The Adobe Creative suite is a large unified design environment. To the first time user it is like arriving as a tourist in a foreign land, without a map or a guide. Use this review as a pocket guide to the sights Adobe has to offer. After taking this short guided tour, you will be ready to discover the hidden treasures that will appeal to your personal needs, and to the demands of the projects you wish to tackle... CONTINUE READING

CorelDraw X5 Review

By: Vicky Tomopoulou on Nov 21st 2011
CorelDraw X5 Review

The first impression you get when you launch CorelDraw X5, is that not much has changed since CorelDraw X4, as the looks are almost the same. The only thing that seems different is this new Document Palette. We will talk about what this panel is all about in a moment. In reality the new X5 version of CorelDraw comes with many improvements and enhancements which will appeal to users of all levels. They made subtle enhancements to the users-ability... CONTINUE READING

Adobe Illustrator CS5 Review

By: Jennifer Koch on Oct 29th 2011
Adobe Illustrator CS5 Review

Ok I’ll admit it. I used to really dislike Illustrator. Previous versions of Illustrator used to bog down my computer and constantly quit all by itself. I felt like Illustrator was the tortoise and Photoshop was the hare. I was hesitant to use Illustrator unless absolutely necessary. I would reluctantly open Illustrator to complete text based graphics or logo work, and grind my teeth through the process. Yes, Illustrator is imperative for vector based graphics, but I tried to... CONTINUE READING

Graphic Design Career Data

By: Michael Jackness on Oct 28th 2011
Graphic Design Career Data

I recently discovered a fascinating infographic on the graphic design industry. It was produced by Carrington College in California. While they invested considerable time in the creation and presentation of their infographic, which I don’t have permission to reproduce here, the data they used is all sourced to the public U.S. Department of Labor (UDL). The UDL data was collected for their 2010-2011 Occupational Outlook Handbook (OOH). I thought it might be helpful to share some of the key... CONTINUE READING

Web Design Degree

By: Michael Jackness on Sep 3rd 2011
Web Design Degree

Web Design – Overview Uses in Today’s World People with a web design degree can specialize in all aspects of creating websites. This requires planning, post-production, research, advertising, and controlling the media on a website page. Designers learn a variety of computer languages (also known as code) that make text and images available for viewing. While graphic design focuses on images that get an idea out to the world, web designers make it so those images can be seen... CONTINUE READING

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