Overview of Lynda.com’s Newly Released Tutorial: Up and Running with Pinterest

By: Brandie Gautreaux on Sep 13th 2012
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Get onboard with Pinterest, the newest social networking craze that allows you to bookmark content from all over the World Wide Web. This course from renowned software trainer and graphic designer Justin Seely, teaches in full detail about the ins and outs of this new social media tool. He starts with teaching the basics of Pinterest including setting up and managing your account, finding friends and inspiration, learning the Pinterest lingo, and understanding boards and pins. Additionally, he demonstrates... CONTINUE READING

How to Create HTML5 Animation Using Adobe Edge

By: Rafiq Elmansy on Sep 11th 2012
How to Create HTML5 Animation Using Adobe Edge

HTML5 is a new, promising technology, especially since many see it as a powerful technology that can compete with Flash in creating interactive content, such as videos and animations. Actually, there has long been a debate about this situation and many of the technology experts think it may be the end of Flash, especially after Apple stopped developing Flash Player for mobile devices. As a Flash expert who has been using Flash for years and knows its secrets, I... CONTINUE READING

Overview of Lynda.com’s Newly Released Tutorial: Cloud Computing First Look

By: Brandie Gautreaux on Sep 6th 2012
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This course was designed by author and Training Specialist David Rivers to give readers an in-depth look into cloud computing and the many advantages it has to offer. This course reveals the basics of cloud computing including the components and infrastructure of the cloud, how to work with storage and database services, the benefits of cloud computing, how to assess the security risks, and describes exactly how to obtain cloud storage. Rivers makes the transition into cloud computing easy... CONTINUE READING

Interactive Developer Matthew Wallace Launches Walgreens Mobile App

By: Helena Wilson Beevers on Sep 6th 2012
Interactive Developer Matthew Wallace Launches Walgreens Mobile App

As covered by Vitamin T, interactive developer Matthew Wallace and partner Driftlab have recently created a mobile app for Walgreens. The app, which is available at www.neurobowl.com, marks Wallace’s transition from his work around the Flash interface into the sphere of mobile development. Here we speak to Wallace and uncover the path he has taken so far in order to find out more about his latest project… Q1. How did you become an interactive developer? I started off building... CONTINUE READING

Overview of Lynda.com’s Newly Released Tutorial: Game Prop Creation in Maya

By: Brandie Gautreaux on Sep 5th 2012
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Discover Autodesk Maya and the excitement of 3D game props and special effects. Educator and trainer in 3D applications for computer generated imagery Adam Crespi, demonstrates modeling techniques that encourage real-world details such as dirt, grain, wear, and rust using UV maps and ambient occlusion. Additionally, Crespi reveals in the course how to influence simple parts and reusable textures, block out the overall form of a prop, convert bump maps to normal maps, unwrap and clone objects, painting textures,... CONTINUE READING

Overview of Lynda.com’s Newly Released Tutorial: Maya Rendering for After Effects Composites

By: Brandie Gautreaux on Sep 4th 2012
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Through this course, learn how to create render passes in Autodesk Maya and how to recombine the passes in Adobe After Effects. Author, animator, and director Lee Lanier teaches viewers in this quick and effective course the Render Layer Editor and mental ray rendering system. Furthermore, learn how to work with image sequences, match 3D camera video footage, light models in Maya, split scenes into multiple render passes, batch render, setup and manage motion trackers, refine layers with rotoscoping,... CONTINUE READING

Overview of Lynda.com’s Newly Released Tutorial: WordPress Building Responsive Themes

By: Brandie Gautreaux on Sep 3rd 2012
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Learn how to create and design responsive webpages that automatically adjust to the many different screen sizes to ensure your visitors a positive tour to your website. Author and web designer Morten Rand-Hendriksen demonstrates how elements within a theme can be altered to guarantee that your website is easily accessible on mobile devices, desktops and tablets through code examples and design strategies and practices. The course helps you learn what screen sizes are most common, how to create responsive... CONTINUE READING

Overview of Lynda.com’s Newly Released Tutorial: Windows 8 Release Preview First Look

By: Brandie Gautreaux on Sep 1st 2012
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Take a peek into the newest Windows 8 operating system release and be one of the first to get acquainted with the new program enhancements and special features. Training Specialist and author David Rivers demonstrates in the training video the latest updates found in Windows 8 and explains how to make a seamless transition to the new interface, how to navigate through the operating system, how to work in many different applications, and how to connect with others on... CONTINUE READING

Overview of Lynda.com’s Newly Released Tutorial: WordPress Mobile Solutions

By: Brandie Gautreaux on Aug 31st 2012
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Learn how to install and configure plugins to create mobile WordPress websites. Author and web designer and developer Morton Rand-Hendriksen reveals in this course how to operate three different plugins including WP Mobile Detector which automatically adjusts to your device type, WPtouch which transforms websites into an app theme, and WordPress Mobile Pack which makes much-needed adjustments. Whether you are modifying a website appearance, tracking stats, configuring themes or widgets, customizing menus, or sending push notifications, the course author... CONTINUE READING

Overview of Lynda.com’s Newly Released Tutorial: Creating Game Environments in Maya and Photoshop

By: Brandie Gautreaux on Aug 30th 2012
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Learn how to construct 3D buildings for video game imagery with this online tutorial from Adam Crespi, renowned visual design and animation educator and trainer. The course begins with modular blocking and planning techniques in Adobe Photoshop and then progresses to building re-creation in Maya with polygonal modeling and texturing techniques. Learn how to create model elements such as walls, doors, islands, and canopies as well as create contours and shadows, add texture stacking, moving and sewing UVs, painting... CONTINUE READING

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