Susie Hall Joins as an Advisory Board Member

Susie is the president of Vitamin T, a new division of Aquent, the largest creative talent agency in the world. She has worked with creatives for over 12 years helping build careers, restructure departments and solve business problems for huge brands and small businesses throughout North America.

Over a dozen years ago Susie joined Aquent as an Interactive Agent – just in time for the explosion of interactive technology that continues today. She’s held a variety of leadership roles at Aquent through the past decade, including Interactive Design Practice Leader, where she developed key partnerships with An Event Apart, The Webby Awards and more. She’s used her passion for creative and knowledge of the interactive industry to help clients build creative teams that launch brands, enable seamless communications with customers and drive revenues.

Today she is proud to lead Vitamin T, the only creative talent agency focused exclusively on ad agencies and mid-sized companies – and the digital creative talent we all love.