Terran Marketing announces official launch of Graphicdesign.com

Terran Marketing announced today the official launch of Graphicdesign.com, a website dedicated to creative professionals. The new GraphicDesign.com has been under development since July 2011 when Terran Marketing announced the purchase.

Focused on providing the highest quality and most comprehensive resources for design professionals and those seeking graphic design services, Graphicdesign.com features local search capability on a national directory of graphic design firms, education options for those seeking a career in graphic design, and a job placement board dedicated specifically to the design industry. In addition, news and informational articles focused on the design industry will be added to the site daily.

Leading industry professionals and graphic design firms that would like more information about GraphicDesign.com and how to contribute to this industry portal should contact [email protected]

About Terran Marketing:

With over 20 years of experience in building successful online brands, Terran Marketing is dedicated to establishing GraphicDesign.com as the premier portal for the industry. Similar to its strategy on sites such as OnlineDegree.com, WordPressThemes.com and IRA.com, Terran will focus on outstanding content in terms of both quality and breadth coupled with a professional and intuitive user experience.

Julia Wild – Head of Marketing and Communications – [email protected]